My Life Is A Subscription!


In no particular order:

  • Evernote
  • 1password family
  • Apple Music family
  • YouTube red familiar
  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • YouTube TV
  • overcast
  • Castro
  • Asian efficient dojo (may cancel)
  • squarespace
  • hover (2 domains)
  • iCloud 2TB
  • Dropbox
  • drafts
  • Club MacStories
  • six colors

I really need to cancel some…


The masses will decide how the subscription kerfuffle falls out. We’ll see who is in business in a few years.

As I recall Ulysses went subscription a year ago, August. I’m betting the developers are holding their breath. How many will resubscribe? That and new sales retention will point to the widom of subscription model for that app.

I suspect success will be app specific. Barking dogs may have impact. But on a yearly basis I’ll decide what my subscription apps are worth. You too…

Many of us have added our subscription app lists. Telling point? Maybe Adobe should be invited to the party.

Should I add a :slight_smile: ?


I’d say I’m sure it’ll be :rofl: and i have a feeling that some apps will even re-adjust to a one time payment.

For the folks at 1Password or Last Password selling subs is “kinda” easy. Their apps are resolving a specific need that scares people and once you buy in I wonder how many of us really change. For apps like Ulysses, there’s only so much that they can add on a regular basis to the app. I get the point that by paying subs we’re contributing for devs to fix bugs (and I agree) but the (new) features is what sells an app (and what retains people)…and retention (especially in the note taking app world) is immensely more difficult! Suspect that might be one reason why Drafts5 will never be classified as a note taking app.

I’m actually surprised that people pay subs in apps which selling points are more icons and dark themes (maybe to understand the latter I need to upgrade to an iPhone X :slight_smile: )

PS- liked the word “kerfuffle“… had to look up but will use it more often :rofl:


Washington Post
LA Times
Laughing Squid (hosting 2 domains)
Asian Efficiency (may cancel)
Apple Music

Amazon Prime
Reclaim Hosting (hosting and registration 2 domains) (registration 2 domains)

May add
Text Expander

What I don’t have is cable TV. Given what we were paying per month for basic cable before we canceled, the subscriptions seem reasonable enough, especially if I’m storing data with them. I’d rather buy software outright, but I’d rather pay than have my information harvested and sold. I find “free” services that do that creepy.


I’ve been looking at Monotype fonts. I’ve been a Typekit subscriber for sometime. Do you feel you get your money’s worth with Monotype?


For most of the fonts I was using in TypeKit, I have found a more-or-less drop-in replacement in Monotype. The Monotype app (in Electron) isn’t quite as nice as browsing fonts on TypeKit’s site, but you can also use the Monotype or sites and sync with SkyFonts instead.

I’ve been working to ditch my Adobe CC subscription, and the Monotype has been an important part of that.


How does everyone track their subscriptions? Just looked into Bobby, but I am trying to justify spending money on app to track my subscriptions…:thinking:

Aside from a list stored now on MPU in this thread and in my Evernote, any other options?
I considered using Airtable…but wasn’t thrilled with my template.


I’ve created this workflow to add subscriptions to an Airtable database…simple but free :grinning:

I’m now working on a retrieve workflow to check whether there are subscriptions to be renewed soon. I’ll share that one later

I don’t know how to “share” the Airtable table. But it’s a straightforward one. The fields are the ones below and in brackets you can see what they’re for (the workflow only works if you use the same fields; otherwise adjust the workflow)

  • App (app name)
  • Cost (total cost of the subscription)
  • Monthly or Annually (frequency)
  • Monthly Cost (the workflow will divide the Cost by 12)
  • Date from (when subs start)
  • Date to (workflow calculates 1 year from the date from)
  • Comments (free text, for example unsubscribe email address)
  • Review by (date by when you’d like to review the subs, workflow will suggest date from)

Hope this is helpful…not a fully functional app like Bobby but for the basics has been working forme.

Will post the “retrieve subs” workflow later.


Exactly! That’s why I’m such a big fan of open source. B.t.w. I think this topic is about software subscriptions. So having a subscription for your newspaper or cable tv doesn’t count, imo.


I use Bobby and thought .99 or 1.99 one time purchase was a reasonable cost to unlock the subscription limit. It really is a quick and simple solution but I know there are probably thousands of ways to skin this cat. :wink:


It is not about money: I gladly pay for quality (recently paid for OF3 Pro upgrade, DT Office Pro and Calendar 5 on iOS) since I don’t expect someone to polish the software and fix bugs ASAP for free. I simply don’t see how suddenly software gets to a kind of ransomware because otherwise it is difficult for developers to calculate their profits. I pay developers for major upgrades judged on their efforts to improve the software and not just because they exist. And even that would be disputable if subscriptions were not used for price increases. I am not buying people left and right of me coffee, sorry guys. :slight_smile:


Purchased Chronicle on both iOS and macOS to do this.

Apparently it’s also available as a subscription, via Setapp.


Project called subscriptions in Omnifocus with all subscriptions as individual actions items with a start date one month before the subscription runs out and a due date of when it does. Context varies but is usually @computer Internet They pop up in time for me to deal with them but don’t clutter my lists otherwise and I won’t forget something critical.


I use YNAB, which obviously does a whole lot more than track subscriptions. Each subscription is a separate budget line. I set a goal, either in terms of dollars per month (for monthly subscriptions) or dollars by a set date (for subscriptions that renew yearly. Having the subscriptions in my budget every month makes it very clear what I’m paying and helps keep them top of mind.


This is actually quite a good idea. I’ve been using YNAB for quite some time now, but up until now I’ve been filing all of these subscriptions under a generic “Subscriptions” budget subcategory. Will be migrating to a “Subscriptions” category with a subcategory per subscription, to keep track of the financial aspect.

How do you go about storing expiration dates / unsubscribe URL’s etc? Do you keep them in YNAB as well, or do you not bother storing that information somewhere in a central location?


I don’t have that many, but I would simply create eather a reminder or calender entry with “evaluate xyz subscription” text. Deferred/due OF tadks could do the trick, too.


The expiration dates are basically part of the goal I set for each category (the expiration month anyway). I don’t keep unsubscribe URLs in any central repository.


Just started my trial of YNAB so might have this wrong but couldn’t you store this type of information in the budget item’s Notes tab?



Tunnel Bear
Zoho Creator
Apple Music



Apps with subscription model which I have as standalone



Adobe Creative Cloud
Evernote Premium


That’s what I do. I set a goal and then put the exact exp date in the notes.