My Mac Studio is Shipping 1 Week Earlier Than Expected

At the end of last week, I had a nice surprise - I received a shipping notice for my Mac Studio with an expected delivery date of Wednesday, March 30th. That’s one week earlier than the expected delivery date of April 6-13.

Hopefully, that’s an indication that the manufacturing process is ahead of schedule. If so, a lot of people in the MPU community who have Mac Studios on order will also receive shipping notices ahead of schedule!


What is the configuration that is shipping 1 wk earlier?

Max’d Max. 64 GB. 2 TB. My estimated delivery date was March 30 to April 4 and I am getting mine on April 3. Usually Apple is ahead of schedule but not this time. Oh well

My ordered configuration is:

M1 Ultra with 20-core CPU, 48-core G 32-core Neural Engine
64GB unified memory
2TB SSD storage

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I’ve been obsessively checking the status of my order:
Studio M1 Max 10-core CPU, 24-core GPU, 16-core Neural Engine, 32 GB ram, 2TB SSD.

This morning’s status says “shipped, arriving Apr 06”. :cowboy_hat_face:

I’m in the United States and ordered on March 11.

It’s all part of the fun of ordering a brand-new Apple product! My delivery got pushed out a couple of days; UPS at first said delivery Wednesday, 30 March; now Friday, 1 April. Apple says Monday, 4 April.

Still earlier than the projected delivery date when I ordered (on the day of the event) of 6-13 April.

I hope yours is early as well!

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Oh no! This may be a cruel joke on the part of Apple. Now www says I will get my machine on April Fools day (April 1). :exploding_head:
Stay tuned.

Apple says mine is coming Monday the 4th, UPS told me it was coming Wednesday the 30th, then Friday the 1st, now tomorrow, March 31st. Since it’s leaving Louisville today, I’m expecting it tomorrow. My experience is that UPS is ultimately more accurate with delivery dates than is Apple.

Mine came early too!

While UPS indicates that my Apple Studio M1max is due on April 1(April Fools day!)

My Studio Display order status is still indicating “Processing” and the slated arrival is Apr 5 - Apr 12.

Checking with Apple Sales there are no Studio Displays shown as in stock in any of the Apple Stores that are shown in the database.

Bummer :grimacing:

My Studio Display order just moved to “Preparing to Ship”.

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My Mac Studio Ultra is “out for delivery” today, 1 week early. :slightly_smiling_face:

Of course, UPS sometimes doesn’t make it here until 4:30-7:00, so I may have to wait all day. :slightly_frowning_face:


Chris, do you mind sharing what your original estimated delivery date was for the display? Mine was the 14th - 21st and I am unreasonably antsy. I know it won’t ship any time soon, but I still check about 18 times a day.

March 31 to April 7.

That is the same config that I got - I love it!

Good to know, thanks. I will stop feverishly checking and just assume it won’t ship for a couple weeks then.

I placed my order on March 11.

Original delivery window was May 30 to Jun 14.

Email this morning, form Apple that it has shipped, expected delivery by April 15.

Delivery estimate from UPS, April 6.

To be confined …

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Wow, that’s great! Hope you get it on the 6th …

Update: My Mac Studio Ultra came a week early, last Thursday … but, by Friday I’d realized that the Ultra was way too much processor for me, and didn’t result in the improvements I had hoped for. I returned it Sunday to a local Apple Store and ordered a Studio Max, high-end chip, 64GB, 2T. 10-12 weeks shipping. :frowning_face:

I had hoped the extra speed would help Windows games (WWII strategic and tactical games) that I ran under BootCamp to run at a playable speed. Unfortunately, not.

I realized a Max chip would be great for 99% of what I do, and I’d save about $1,300 over the cost of the Ultra.

I thought this might happen after reading more about the chips after announcement day. I ordered mine on announcement day, so didn’t have the benefit of that info.

Oh well, now I get to enjoy anticipating my new Mac Studio shipping and arriving! (Again!)


It’s here, arrived on Apr 5 pretty much congruent with what Apple had been indicating. I placed the order on March 11.

The perturbations of the tracking status were frustrating.

Now I’m stuck until the Studio Display arrives. I’m encouraged as the status for that has moved from “processing” to “preparing to ship”.
Status indicates that the arrival of my Studio Display should be no later than April 11.

Oh, I turned the Studio box on and to my ears the fans are VERY quiet. :ear: :ear:

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