Native Discourse App For iOS And iPadOS!

My friend has just released the 1.0 of his app, Fig, to the App Store. It is a native app for Discourse forums that I much prefer to the first party web wrapper. I highly recommend checking it out.

@mkurabi: Introducing Fig, a native iOS/iPadOS client for forums and discussion boards. Fig is a modern, fully featured forum client with useful features in a simple, intuitive interface.


App Store:


I’m trying it now (typing this in the app.). I like the looks. I’ll give this a go for a while to see what I think. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Annual charges?


First read, then act:

Most of the functions and features in Fig are free and will be plentiful for most users. Fig+ subscribtion allows access to private communities, free app icons, and future premium features. It will also help sustain the continuous development of Fig.

Hence there is no required annual cost.


I‘ll definitely check it out, thank you. Out of curiosity: Is the discourse app I use right now on my iPad some sort of web/electron app or what‘s the deal?

I appreciate your response. I have poor eyesight and the UI of the App Store represents IAP very poorly from just a UX perspective let alone the visually challenged people like myself.

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It’s a web wrapper for the mobile web app.

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Thank you. First impression of fig is very promising. I‘ll definitely try it for the next time.

Cool! I also don’t like the wrapper for the web, which is why I just use the web version. I’ll check it out!

It has proper Dark Mode :slight_smile:

But how do you add “Discourse emoticons”?

(like :smile:)


:upside_down_face: like this? I’m just experimenting.

I’m giving it a go too. Pretty impressed so far :+1:t3:

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I just found the app from this discussion:

So far I am really liking it as well. While the premium features don’t matter to me, I will likely pay, to support the developer, after using it for a few more days.

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