Need a good iOS recipe app to which I can add recipes

My wonderful wife bought me a nice smoker for my birthday. I think her motives were less than pure! :wink: I’m looking for a good iOS recipe app that contains a lot of good recipes but also allows the adding of one’s own recipes and from searches on the web. Any suggestions? I think my wife wants me to make dinner. :slight_smile:

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It doesn’t have a ton of recipes to start, but I really like Anylist. I’m using it as my shopping list and it also lets you import recipes with 2 clicks from the web. It integrates with Alexa (which is why we bought it) so now as I’m standing in the kitchen I say “Alexa add salt to shopping list” and it’s on the list the next time I (or my husband) are at the store.

It also breaks each recipe ingredient out so you can quickly add all (or check a few) to add to the shopping list.


I use and love Paprika. It’s great at scraping recipes and even has meal planning and shopping list options built in :slight_smile:


+1 on Anylist. The iOS app is free, but if you pay the $7.99/yr premium you get the Mac app, plus web access (IIRC) as well as action extension in iOS to import recipes automagically from websites via share-action (or on PCs/Macs with browser extensions for Chrome/Safari/Firefox). An $11.99/yr family plan lets you share shopping lists with family members. It also has an Apple Watch action, and you can attach photos to any list items.

For smoking/grilling there’s the free iOS Pit Pal app, and the free Weber Grill app.

Maybe my favorite grilling/smoking website is

Also check out the Smoke Ring Forum for every type of smking-related discussion thread and recipe imaginable.

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I love Paprika. With the Mac version I can export my recipe database as a web site and upload it so I don’t have to print out recipes for people. It also syncs between Mac and iOS. I usually use my iPad when cooking.


+1 for Paprika. I capture recipes with it on my Mac, shop with it on my iPhone, and cook with it on my iPad.


Thanks for the great suggestions. I have purchased both Paprika and AnyList. I found a way to integrate them here. It works like a charm! Thanks again. I’m going to smoke pork loin and four cheese whole wheat macaroni and cheese. I have to make sure my wife gets her monies worth. :slight_smile:

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Gourmet on iOS with Mac Gourmet on OS X. The two sync back and forth. Also has a wine area to rate and remember you favorites. Great web clipper to import recipes from the web.

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I have to second those who recommend Paprika. Easy to enter your recipes and can (usually) import a recipe from a web page. I syncs well between Mac and iOS. I can pull up a recipe on my iPhone when I’m at the store and get the ingredients I need.

I’m still using Paprika 2, since I didn’t feel the upgrade to 3 gave me all that much more for the way I use it.

Thanks you all… Downloaded Paprika … then downloaded some Chef Buck concoctions, and others from Allrecipes.

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A bit more low-tech solution that I use together with my family is a shared notebook in Evernote. In it, we store recipes as pdf files.

It’s great because:

  • everybody in my family can contribute and access recipes
  • it’s simple enough for my parents to be able to use it properly without assistance
  • Evernote makes the recipes searchable automatically

What’s not so great:

  • there is no possibility to automatically generate shopping lists
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Being able to mark things off ask I add them and highlight the step l am currently on is my favorite part of paprika. I’ve used it for years on my iphone and iPad. The iPad is with me in the kitchen and the iphone is handy whilst shopping to see if I’m missing any ingredients.


Defintely Paprika. Although grabbing recipes from websites depend on how well the website behaves, it often gets it right immediately and if not greatly helps in getting the components of a recipe.

Also, it syncs across all your Apple devices.

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I used to do this too. It worked. (Especially when Evernote still supported the recipe plug-in) … starts me wondering if the pro-subscription is worth my money.

Paprika — a few days later… Satisfied with recipe capture and input :slight_smile:

I’m wondering if you use the pantry list and the shopping lists in Paprika? Comments?

I use the shopping list function. I set up the pantry feature when I initially got the app, and it’s useful for certain staples that I don’t need to buy every time I make something, but I haven’t updated it since I initially set it up.

Paprika is great at scraping recipes from any webpage, but it does not come with any “native” recipes, basically it’s an empty slate that you fill with recipes you gather from the internet. You can also add recipes free-hand, but far more tedious than simply “sharing” from any webpage to Paprika, two clicks and the recipe populates in the app ready for you to catalogue it in Paprika in any fashion you see fit.

Getting my existing recipes into Paprika was a little bit of a pain as they were all in text or MS Word files. A lot of cut and paste. I have been impressed by its web import ability. Very rarely does it mess things up. I like that it imports pictures and nutritional information.

Is Paprika still good? I played around with the iOS app and added butter 1 lb. Then checked off butter from the grocery list. This wasn’t added to the pantry.

Update: love Paprika! Thanks to going to MacStock and hearing great info on it installed it and love it.

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