Need a good iOS recipe app to which I can add recipes

Thinking about Paprika. Has anyone been able to get their saved recipes from NY Times recipe box into Paprika? If you want to use it on MacOS and IOS do you have to buy two different apps? Thanks!

It’s one of the sites it works with.

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Yes, two different apps for Mac and iOS. When I initially loaded all my recipes from text and Word files, I used the Mac for all the cut & paste. Now I use my iPad to import or enter them.

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My vote for Paprika, as well. I’ve used it for years and never had a problem. There are a couple of tutorials (one Mac and one iOS) on ScreenCastsOnline, but I hesitate to link them since they are from 2014. It’s changed a lot since then, but they might give you a taste (pun intended) of what it can do. I’m sure you could get a lot more up-to-date info on youtube.

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@LCwa, I don’t think Paprika will import the recipes en masse. Rather you will need to display each recipe in the browser, the copy the link to Paprika. Then it will import one at a time.

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Years later I’m still using Paprika and AnyList. I don’t have the Paprika Mac OS app. For me, I use the iPad app in the kitchen cooking and the iPhone app when I’m in the store and I need to look at the ingredients list. If I’m on my Mac and I come on a recipe I want, I either AirDrop it over to iOS or save it to my Safari reading list. It’s a bit of a pain, but I don’t need it often enough on the Mac to justify paying for the Mac App. Breezing through the grocery store checking things off on my AnyList Apple Watch app is one of my favorite uses for the watch. I have it broken down by isles in the order of my grocery store layout and it makes for efficient shopping.

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If anyone is interested in an indie app, there’s Crouton. It has a more modern design and the developer is active on Twitter (@JustMeDevin). I don’t think it’s as full featured as Paprika (at least not yet) nor cross-platform, but it’s got a bright future ahead of it.


Oh wow, this is a pretty application!

I have been using my NYT Cooking recipe box (they support linking to other recipes) and Grocery by Conrad Stoll for a long time now. Grocery is my favourite shopping list app because of its intelligent sort features. I mention it because they recently(ish) added support for recipe management and householding. The recipe management started off buggy as heck, but is now quite reliable.
I recommend Grocery for recipe management if you like the application’s UI (which is duo-tone and high contrast) and you also need a grocery list; there are much better alternatives if you do not need the intelligent sort grocery list features.

I know it’s not the most popular choice, but I use OneNote. I’d love to use Paprika (which I own btw), but the recipe parser doesn’t work with all websites, specially the ones that are not in English. I always found myself having to manually add text to it, not fun.
In OneNote I can add a website (image and text), images scanned from books, old handwritten recipes, anything.

Surprising about being unable to import from websites into Paprika. I can’t remember finding a recipe that I couldn’t import. I don’t use foreign language sites.

That’s not what I meant. Paprika is excellent at importing individual recipes from websites. I use this function all the time and in fact I don’t recall stumbling across a website it couldn’t figure out.

I had through that question was referring to importing all the recipes from the user’s NYT Recipe Box all at once. I’m not sure Paprika can do that.

Paprika can import recipes from other programs. I used that function to import my recipes from Mac Gourmet when I made the switch. It had no trouble importing all those recipes en masse.

Paprika is a good choice.

I was replying to @rebornrock on their inability to import foreign and other websites. I’m aware of the difficulty doing bulk imports from unsupported places. When I started using Paprika, most of my recipes were in text files and Word documents. A lot of cut and paste to get them in.

+1 for Paprika and also
Consider adding sous vide to the mix, and you won’t smoke out your neighbors for as long.

Ha! +1 for I’m a lifetime member and wouldn’t be without it.

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Sweet…I’ve considered joining just for their meat temperature magnet.

When cooking ribs I usually smoke for 3 hours then seal in bags with some sauce and sous vide for 16-24 hours. A little more sauce and under the broiler gives you incredibly tender ribs.

Used to LOVE this app until until Mariner Software bought it. They have the crappiest support on the planet, and frankly once they required syncing through their server it has NEVER worked for me. I am not the only one with this issue. Further, they have not updated the software in probably 3 years. If it works for you I am really and truly glad, but Mariner really does not care about this product. The ONLY reason I continue to use it is because it holds my entire wine list…something Paprika can’t do. I’ve just given up on the syncing thing. One other thing. Gourmet’s ability to import recipes from websites has dramatically declined over time.

Yikes, at first you were saying that Paprika was bought by Mariner Software, then I realized you were talking about Mac Gourmet being bought.

And, I couldn’t agree more. I would run into sync problems and their web import just couldn’t keep up. Sites that would work one day, simply wouldn’t at a future date. Add in the slow/no updates and crappy service and there really wasn’t much to appreciate.

We used the wine function in Mac Gourmet, too, but only to a limited extent. We do not have a wine collection like some of my friends do. And I’m sure there are other apps that specialize in handling the wine collector’s encores. The main reason I purchased Mac Gourmet a long time ago was it’s ability to print cookbooks. I had visions of sharing my collection with my family in the form of a book, but that never materialized.

I am much happier with Paprika.