Network Architecture

As this is somewhat a nerd group for Apple I am sure there are also some Network Geeks around their Apple environment and I was wondering what other people are using at their home network to have things up and running, shared, secured and connected all over :wink:

Here is my setup:

  • A Synology NAS Server DS412+ with 16TB (mirroring providing 8TB capacity) - an old system, which needs to replaced not too far off and then I will use the DS412+ as a backup system to the new server. I am mostly using a private cloud setup except for those systems that do not support WebDAV (which I think should not be allowed today, WebDAV is imho a minimum requirement for every app developer that supports sync).
  • A Draytek Vigor 130 which I am using only as a modem to my provider.
  • A Unify Security Gateway (USG), which is delivering my router functionality
  • A Unifi Switch 16 POE - I never thought that I would need 16 ports, but now it seems that I have to upgrade pretty soon :wink:
  • Two Unifi AP-AC-Pro installed in two locations to provide sufficient network at home

I am considering getting the new Unifi Cloud Key Gen2 with the internal disk.

Various systems are directly Ethernet connected to the Switch (their performance is insufficient via WLan):

  • Apple TV
  • Sony Playstation
  • Synology NAS
  • iMAC (both Ethernet cabling & Wireless)
  • The Set-Top-Box from the local TV Network (Deutsche Telekom, Media Receiver)

Additionally I have added two home automation bridges to the system - Hue & Tado (thermostat), additionally to home automation I have various Sonos speakers (the prior version so I cannot add them to AirPlay :frowning: ), two Echos and two Homepods.

All cabling goes though a Patchpanel and all is set up in a Server Rack Cabinet.

Anybody interested sharing their setup?

Similar setup, one thought though, as it seems you like to play
(and are thinking of upgrading Synology anyway…)

Run the UniFi controller in a Docker container on the Synology
No need for the Security Key!

A lot of good how-to’s and support floating around

Simple life.

  • Motorola modem
  • Apple Airport Extreme
  • Apple Airport Express (AirPlay-streaming out to a pair of powered monitors)
  • Two Macs, two iOS devices
  • External drives for storage and backup

That’s it. I got rid of my Alexa, and even my Kindle. No set-top box because no TV. (Yet.)