New 64-bit "Classic" Scansnap Manager software released!

Wanted to make everyone aware that a 64-bit version 7 of the classic Scansnap Manager software was recently released for those of us who loved the older version of Fujitsu’s Scansnap software and were not happy with the newer ScanSnap Home software or the alternatives like VueScan or ExactScan. Also brings back compatibility with many older scanners. I am so excited!

Read more here:

Fujitsu download page:


Thanks, but this reported here numerous times already…

It’s news to me! And great news at that!

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Posted 4 days ago. :grinning:

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Have not seen it mentioned before, and saved my bacon now!

thanks @Doc5506


I was always hesitant to buy a ScanSnap because it seemed like older models would get outdated so quickly. I’m glad to see a 64-bit app available now.

I wonder if it’ now safe to buy a ScanSnap? Or would I have to wait for an ARM-based app whenever the Macs with Apple Silicon gets released?

I would think it would be “safe” now to get a scansnap. I think the release of this software is an acknowledgement by Fujitsu that their decision to quickly sunset old models was received poorly. Hopefully they have learned that they need to support existing models for longer.
With regards to Apple Silicon, Apple has announced Rosetta 2 which will allow intel-based software to work on macs for many years to come. Therefore I doubt you would have any problems with a new scansnap
purchase for at least 4-5 years even if Fujitsu goes back to making bad decisions.

Safe? I’d possibly consider it a poor choice. As we’ve discussed and linked to in previous threads here (just search Scansnap) other manufacturers’ scanners have scored higher in tests in recent years. Moreover, Fujitsu has done an extremely poor customer service job in recent years, hasn’t kept its users up to date with info on drivers, was dead silent after announcing that it effectively was killing off 64-bit support, and was just as silent in releasing this new driver without informing owners.

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I meant “safe” from the perspective that with the new software release I think it is unlikely that the scanner would be rendered unusable due to a software incompatibility in the next several years. I agree that Fujitsu has lost a lot of trust in recent years and other scanners may now be better. Personally, I have used Fujitsu scanners for over 10 years both at home and in my practice. Every single scanner that I’ve purchased (>5) is still in service so the hardware is rock solid as far as I’m concerned. I have been limping along with VueScan software (which I was grateful to have) for the last year or so since updating to Catalina, but I am happy to have the old software back! I will definitely check out the Scansnap threads here when I’m in the market for a new scanner to investigate alternatives as you suggest.

Update: ScanSnap Manager V7 will be updated to officially support Apple Silicon M1 Macs:

Thanks to Fujitsu!