ScanSnap and new Macs - déjà vu all over again?

Release of the new 64-bit software for owners of older ScanSnap scanners has been reported elsewhere in this forum:

There is a new concern for ScanSnap users, however. Will the 64-bit ScanSnap software be compatible with the new “ARM” or Apple-Silicon Macs? Apple indicates that the new Mac lineup will be complete with the next year or two. It appears that most Mac productivity software will be successfully migrated, but what about other software from independent developers and lesser-used software such as Fujitsu ScanSnap driver software?

Will Fujitsu develop and release software for the new Macs?

Or will this be “déjà vu all over again” for ScanSnap owners?

Any lawyers who what to start a class action lawsuit?

Shouldn’t Rosetta 2 take care of all apps that aren’t built for ARM?

If performance is a concern, it wouldn’t be a good idea to depend on Rosetta 2… but I doubt that’s an issue in a scanning software.

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My thoughts exactly. Scansnap doesn’t rely on kexts, so I believe Rosetta 2 should take care of it.

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