ScanSnap & Catalina - update

For those who had given up on reviving a perfectly good ScanSnap S1500M that became a brick after Catalina -
I just installed ScanSnap Manager v.7 + update on my MBP with Catalina and my trusty S1500M works like new! Happy camper! I do have ExactScan as backup if Fujitsu craps out on us again. I guess it finally heard us squeaky wheels and bad publicity.
This was the version I downloaded:


That’s good to know. I might have to buy my S1500 back from my Windows-using brother…

Will we have to go through all this again with the transition to Apple Silicon? How long before they release an ARM version? I’m stuck on High Sierra due to old hardware but my next Mac will be AS.


Some self-isolating Fujitsu employee(s)/contractor(s) got bored, maybe?


Thank you for posting this. I had switched to VueScan but prefer ScanSnap. I have downloaded this software and it works…Thanks very much…

To avoid hijacking this thread, I started a new thread to discuss use of ScanSnap scanners with the recently-announced ARM or Apple-Silicon Macs:

I thought I was dreaming when I went to download ScanSnap Home for my new Air and saw SS Manager was available for older scanners. Awesome.

my old S1300 (not S1300i) works on Catalina!!

I switched over to ScanSnap Home and hate it. I miss being able to do one scan and have it simultaneously go directly into Paperless and make a PDF that goes into a folder on the desktop. Can I go back to ScanSnap Manager after installing ScanSnap Home?

This is great news!

Now I can stop replying to every advert that Fujitsu/ScanSnap post to Twitter to point out how they wilfully abandon perfectly functional scanners and so can’t be trusted.

It looks like this new 64-bit support for older scanners was not their primary motivation in updating ScanSnap Manager. I think the newer ScanSnap Home software turned out to be so bad and so unliked by purchasers of newer scanners that they decided to offer those users access to an updated version of the trusty and familiar ScanSnap Manager instead. So 64-bit support for older scanners came along for the ride as a side-effect. I’ll take it though. The result is great even if they didn’t do it for the right reasons.


Although my ix500 was eligible for ScanSnap Home and although I have been using it with this … software, I just reverted back to the “new” trusty Scansnap Manager.

Fujitsu is still promoting the ScanSnap Home software when you are looking for software downloads for the ix500. That did not stop me from logging out of ScanSnap Home (with its pesky license prompts), downloading ScanSnap Manager and enjoying the good old experience.

It is only now that I realize how much I dislike ScanSnap Home…