New Overcast confusing

I’m loving the look, but I can’t work out how to add an individual podcast episode in one playlist to another playlist.

I also can’t see how to add a Podcast (I.e. the list of all episodes) to a playlist.


I don’t want the mark as read there as that used to be where you added an episode to a different playlist. I’ve already twice accidentally marked podcasts as read. :pleading_face:

EDIT: Somehow the upgrade had broken my main playlist so I couldn’t add Podcasts (the whole thing, not just an episode) to it.

I’d still really like to remove the “Mark as listened” button, you don’t even need to confirm on a playlist and it disappears. I admit that I tend to swipe left and delete.

Tap on the episode, then in the row of buttons that appears underneath tap on the circle with three dots in it. That will bring up a drop down that allows you to add the episode to a playlist.

Thanks Chris. That’s an extra tap then each time and I hate the new Recents area too on the front page. EDIT: You can turn the recents off under the Add Playlist menu (Not very intuitive, should be in settings)

I’m really glad that you, and others, like it. But my vision isn’t perfectly “color corrected” and I don’t. I’m looking through my previous purchases for a replacement.

I’m sorry about that Wayne, The colours are configurable in the settings, would that not help?

Under - Settings \ Theme

I’ve never understood why Downcast isn’t more popular. Probably not enough gee-whiz features, just a good solid player. :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s no big deal. I didn’t even know I had a problem until I was 18.

I played with the settings but couldn’t find a way to change the color of the big All Episodes button or my lists. Thanks.

I used to use it before Overcast, I miss the far better prioritisation in a playlist, but I can work around it in Overcast

Open the Playlist
Go to Edit
Playlist Settings
Choose Colour


Just tried to buy it and got a free upgrade instead. It was one I used years ago. Setting it up now. Thanks.

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Downcast is good. Castro is also good

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And now it becomes clear. Pre update, my main playlist was called Queue, I’m unclear if this was me or an old Overcast setting.

I suspect the new Queue Playlist Co-opted my existing Queue playlist.

The new Queue seems to be a playlist you have to add podcasts to one by one

Previous versions had a “queue” playlist that would come into play depending on what you did. IIRC there was actually an “add to queue” option that would create the “queue” podcast if it didn’t exist, and add the episode to it.

That might be a “reserved name” now in the new version.

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That clears that up. If that’s the case either in the previous version the name wasn’t protected or you could add whole podcasts (not just episodes) to it like a normal smart playlist.

It was very confusing for me.

+1 for Downcast. The dev is super active and responsive. I found it superior to overcast and the only thing missing is marco tears. :smile:


Every year or two, I switch from Castro to Overcast, or vice versa. I’m back on Overcast now. I really enjoy Castro’s triage feature, although my podcast listening has decreased enough that it became more of a chore to clear the inbox. I do wish, though, that Overcast had a feature built into the “All Episodes” Smart Playlist (or elsewhere), where if you add an episode to the Queue from that playlist, it disappeared from the All Episodes playlist.


I thought that would change the colors, but it didn’t. They just keep the rainbow of colors – and grey. I guess it’s a bug, but it makes me dislike it.

Really wish the new version hadn’t chosen random colors for my playlists and reordered them. The reordering really broke my muscle memory.

One thing that threw me off is that a playlist will only show a color if there’s a podcast in it, ready to listen.


For those using podcast apps that aren’t Overcast, how are the audio features compared to Overcast? I got into Overcast because the way that Marco EQ’s bad podcasts, speeds up the audio, implements VoiceBoost, and cuts out silent bits was superior to other options at the time. Have other apps caught up in these areas?Audio features are more important to me than managing my playlists.

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Castro at least has those features. But — and maybe this is just my imagination— audio sounds clearer in Overcast than Castro (and Pocket Casts when I last used it a few years ago) when sped up. I kind of recall hearing that Marco built his own engine for that whereas everyone else is using the default OS tools for it, but I could be misremembering that, too.