New Scansnap IXI500 October 12th

I’m coming from the S510M! I’ve managed to keep it working all these years, and was waiting for the new one to come out since IX500 has been out a long time. I love the IX1500 - I pre-ordered it as soon it was announced. I have it installed on all my mobile devices and iMac. It was a pretty easy installation for me - it seemed to be intuitive. The cloud features are nice (all new to me), and I’m still learning all that it can do. I did fully uninstall the old software before installing the new, so that is something people might want to do if you want to just start over and do a clean install - that might help prevent some of the problems people are seeing. I used the built-in uninstall application in the Fujitsu software (if you open up the Package contents you should see it - I googled how to do it). It seemed to really completely uninstall all the old software from what I can tell. Of course you will have to re-setup all your workflows, etc., but it’s probably worth doing to re-think everything. So far I’ve setup separate actions to either go to my Hazel folder or to my DEVONthink database (I love how you can create multiple workflows and just press the button to send it there).

One interesting item I’m seeing in the iX1500’s specs;
" * Supports 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi"

If you have a 5ghz network only… guess what? You’re plugging it in.

In my case, my S1500M (from 2011) continues to truck along plugged into my Mac - starting to show it’s age a bit, but if/when it gives up, I’ll probably buy the new one… probably, unless I see some better available.

Day 3 with the iX1500 here and so far, so good. My scanning needs are pretty straightforward – straight to DevonThink, or straight to Desktop, but working great, and I took my old iX500 to work, which has been fantastic!

For those who have already received your iX1500, are you still able to scan directly to Acrobat? I have been using an iX500 to scan directly to Acrobat XI Pro (which I intend to upgrade to Acrobat DC Pro soon) because of Acrobat’s excellent OCR capabilities. I would like to continue that workflow if I upgrade my iX500. Will that work with the iX1500? Does the new scanner come bundled with any other PDF generating software comparable to Acrobat Pro?

Never tried it before, but just set it up to scan directly to Acrobat DC and it worked like a charm.

Upgraded to Mojave - so of course third party software needs to be updated. Was about to update the ScanSnap Manager when I took a moment to read the “discontinued features” PDF on the Fujitsu website.

Does the new ScanSnap Home really prevent combining receipts?
This is a critical part of my workflow.

If so, I’ll just stick with the old software which is working - mostly - lost functionality of the “Edit” button in Scansnap Receipt - the only problem I’ve found so far

I have no idea. :blush:

I have decided not to „upgrade“ to ScanSnap Home for the time being.

The new scanner is really nice jumping from the S510M. It OCRs really fast when I have each scan go to my Hazel folder. It has given me renewed energy into scanning all of my papers (the old scanner would constantly misfeed, etc. with it being so old I guess).

Each batch of papers defaults into going into one continuous scan, so if that is how your receipts are fed into it, then you should just have one combined document. I’m pretty sure you can move/delete each “page” within the scanned doc to get what you want using the built-in software. You can create different workflows though so that it does what you want (i.e. combine all into 1 doc, each page into separate docs, etc.).

For the cloud features, you actually have to select it for it to then appear on all your devices…otherwise it just stays local to your machine (from what I can tell). I really like it and am impressed.

ScanSnap home provides a new profile type “Auto Scan” which based on the dimension of the document processes it as document (multipage PDF), receipt (default jpeg), photo (jpeg) or business card (default jpeg), with independent settings. However you can create your own profiles that work just like ScanSnap manager. By combining receipts I assume you mean to create a single PDF file of all the receipts you feed in. You can certainly do that with custom profile, even having it so that when the feed is empty it will wait for additional receipts before creating the PDF.

DFullerton, thank you for your response. Most helpful!

Hi Tom. I am trying to create a custom profile to just read in multiple sheets of paper (receipt’s in this case) and create 1 PDF file like used to happen with the old ScanSnap software. I figured out how to create a new profile in ScanSnap Home but no matter what settings I fiddle with I can’t create 1 PDF file. Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks.

Do you mean that you feed the receipts individually? If so, you need to select continuous or manual scanning. See the table in the lower half of this page:

I am trying to scan a multi page document to a single PDF file. With the old 32 Bit ScanSnap Manager it worked flawlessly, one PDF for however many pages when through my IX500. Now with the new 64 Bit ScanSnap Home software I get a single PDF File for each page of the document I run through my IX500. There are not that many options to fiddle with in the profile I am trying to setup, so I must be missing something real simple inn the process.

I can’t figure out how to create a single PDF from mutilple receipts being run through the scanner. Can you help me?

Make a new profile for this. You have to scan it as a “document” type.

I start with the Verify and save profile template, change the document type detection so all sheets are scanned as documents. Set color mode to grey (assuming you don’t want color for this), Simplex. I keep it on Normal scan – it will assume the document is complete when the input feed is empty. If you want to be able to continue, change it to Continuous scan. The default will be not to OCR, but if you want it to OCR, go to Detailed settings and check the Convert to Searchable PDF box.

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Thanks tomalley your information was right on.

Sorry tomalmy spellcheck sometimes rears its ugly head just when you don’t need it.

No, what I mean is sometimes I have multipage receipts that scan as separate pages and I need to combine the, after they are scanned.

Right now I just higlight them and click the combine option

Once they are scanned it’s too late for the ScanSnap software to do anything. If you know in advance you have a multipage receipt, you can create a new profile for that like I showed earlier in the thread. After the scan, you are right – that’s what you have to do. At least Mojave’s Finder has “Quick Action” to do this.

DFullerton, I unboxed and set up my new ix1500 just now. I’m trying to work my way through the new UI. Would you kindly share details as to how you set i tup to scan directly to Acrobat DC? I’m having difficulties.