Newly Updated for 2018 .. the MacSparky Yule Playlist

The holidays are here and I’ve been doing more work on my “Yule” playlist. I’ve made lots of new additions this year including this gem from Joey Alexander. If you’ve got an Apple Music subscription, go ahead and subscribe and enjoy. The playlist is very heavily jazz but with a few other delightful holiday songs from other artists, including this one where Jack Johnston takes Santa to task for the way they were treating Rudolph just because he has a red nose.

Anyway, here’s the link:



Listening to the list on shuffle through the night on a road trip from one end of DK to the other :+1:

I was beginning to wonder when you would give some pointers on one of this year’s playlist :grin:

Nice playlist! listening to it now :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing, I’ll be putting it on regularly over Christmas :smile:

Hanks for sharing, just on time for Christmas.

Glad you’re all enjoying it.

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Great playlist. Enjoyed it in the car today. Les

My Christmas music library is so big it has prompted double-takes from friends and family. But it’s mostly pop and traditional/classical. I’d never paid much attention to the jazz side of it. This is a goldmine, David. Bill Evans Christmas music? Very nice.

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I love that you are all listening to it. I am REALLY digging the new Joey Alexander tracks this year.

Hey folks, I want to port this over to Spotify, as I did last year. Before I do a whole bunch of grunt work can someone with Apple Music (maybe @MacSparky) can let me know if you can export the list of songs as an MPU or a PLS?

Last year I did it half-automated, half-eyeballing it, which worked but is rather time-consuming.

Never mind. I converted it without too much trouble:

At least, I thought I did :blush:

It’s 208 songs rather than the 260 of the original, which puzzled me because it didn’t seem like there were that many songs missing due to album/songs missing on Spotify.

I’m not sure what’s going on. On iTunes it says there are 260 songs, but only 226 are listed on that page, so those are the ones I transferred over. Any ideas?


Jazzed versions seem so mellow compared to the retail stores’ piped in versions that induce me to leave rather than entice me to spend more money. I like to imagine MacSparky performing these gems. Thanks for the tunes, man!

From one jazz fan to another…thank you! Such great music here David. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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I started an Apple Music trial for the holiday season so this gave me a chance to try syncing playlists between AM and Spotify.

I used SongShift to sync David’s list over to Spotify and the operation came up with 38 songs it could not match on Spotify and a playlist of 191 songs. Not sure why the total of matched and unmatched doesn’t equal 260 though.

Update: I took a look at the AM playlist and see one song that I can’t stream/download. I’m guessing that is one that’s only available if one owns the album.

I’ve already started playing it. Love the jazz as I’m a big jazz fan. Thanks for putting this together and sharing it!

@MacSparky This remains one of my favorite Christmas playlists. Thank you so much for putting it together! :blush:

Any chance you can share an MPU or PLS export from iTunes with me to update my copy on Spotify?

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@MacSparky, this playlist is awesome. Sorry I missed it in previous years, we’ve given it heavy rotation this year. It was especially fun when we drove around looking at Christmas lights a few days ago, a safe pandemic holiday pastime.

I’ll bet you have awesome jazz playlists for the rest of the year also. I’ll bet many of us could benefit from your jazz knowledge – do you have any other playlists you would consider sharing?

Another thanks, David!
Your awesome playlist has become a Christmas tradition in our house:).

@Benjamin_D Awesome! Now I really need to bring it next year with an updated version.