NFC Tags help//

Just went from an iPhone 6s Plus to an iPhone 12 Pro Max. Pretty big upgrade for me. I’m interested in using nfc tags, but I got some questions. What do people use them for? And what’s a good brand to buy on Amazon??

You can run automation based on NFC tags. For example, I know Launch Centre Pro can run automation based on NFC tags.

I personally never used them, and I personally question their benefit.

A lot of people attach them to their keys. An AirTag goes a long way towards never losing your keys again. :wink:

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I bought a bunch of (no-name) tags when I first got a phone with NFC support. Long story short, they’re still in a drawer. Unused. :wink:

That’s not NFC tags. Those are BTLE devices.

Attaching an NFC tag to your keys would be pretty useless.

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They do have NFC. That allows them to communicate with Android smartphones and provide contact information while in Lost Mode.

NFC has a range of 1-10cm.

Airtags may have NFC. But that’s not the thing OP was asking.

They’re fun triggers for Siri Shortcuts. I have a few around the house I can tap. For work they were a nice way to start interactions at trade show booths back when one needed such things.

There is also a nearby Chick-fil-A with a few tables that will text “just sat down” to someone if I scan the table number (NFC is officially used to route online orders.) Again, back when one did that…

I have one stuck on a water bottle that I scan and it adds that to my daily water.

Another stuck on my desk that runs a mr Kong routine - turns of dnd, turns on light mode etc.

Another starts a playlist.

Can be used for all sorts of shortcuts

They are, but mine seem to be a bit finicky about activation. I have to hold my phone over it and kind of move it around. It can take a few seconds sometimes. Is that normal, or did I get cheap stickers?

It can be like that sometimes. I generally recommend buying from Tagstand.

It could also be your NFC reader; my iPhone XS had a strangely narrow range compared to my current phone, but the hardware was supposed to be the same, according to Apple.

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Yes, you can tap an AirTag to your Android smartphone in order to pull up a webpage that provides contact information associated with the AirTag.

OP asked about what possibly to use NFC tags (stickers) for, you’re talking about nfc in airtags. Oranges and apples.

I have one in the car,to turn on a specific podcast. Saves me from fumbling with the phone while starting to drive.

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Launch Center Pro requires their own format of NFC tag. I have a few. But I’ve abandoned this approach in favour of general-purpose tags. (These have been with us for some time now. iOS 13?)

During a writing stretch during the winter, I used NFC tags linked with shortcuts to track my time spent in writing mode. I was using Toggl to track the amount of time tracked, but opening the app, tapping, writing, remembering to tap the app again, etc. was cumbersome. Separate NFC tags for starting and stopping tracking made it incredibly easy to track my writing activity.

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Can an nfc tags turn my ringer on and off if I swipe it ?

I question there benefit also.

I have a HomePod in every room, so it’s often just easier to use that. But I have an NFC tag under each of my mouse pads, so when I sit at one of my desks, I can just wave my phone over the mouse pad and it will turn the lights on for that desk. If they weren’t quite so finicky, it would work better than it sounds, but it was still pretty handy…until I had HomePods everywhere.


Thanks to the smaller size and price of the Mini, I’ve been slowly adding them to my rooms. My in-home AirPod usage has gone done dramatically :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: