Nice writeup from iA Writer - The End of Writing

A very nice write up from the creator of iA Writer The End of Writing


At the end in the footnotes is the best.

  1. iA will not let AI write your text. We want you to feel what you want to say, think what you want to write, and write so clearly that others will think what you think and feel what you felt. We will continue to use algorithms if they encourage you to think harder. We have been doing that for years (with Syntax Highlight and StyleCheck). Use ChatGPT to correct spelling errors or check for factual or logical errors or anything that makes you think more. But, whatever you do, think more, not less. If you’d rather use ChatGPT than feel, write and think for yourself, you can do that elsewhere. To use ChatGPT you don’t need us. It’ll be everywhere else. :leftwards_arrow_with_hook:

Covered extensively, earlier.


Nope, the post of @sangadi was the earlier one… :wink:

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I don’t care about who posted first. It’s about sharing the material. But since you mentioned about duration, thought I would just clarify. How is a post 18 hours earlier than 20 hours :slight_smile:

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