No tracking Grocery List app recommendation

Do you recommend any grocery list app that doesn’t track your whole life and then some?


And pad to 20

We use Reminders with a shared list.
You can tap the … in the list, then Show Completed to uncheck things to buy again.



It’s pretty simple and syncs with Reminders so you can have a grocery list in Reminders that works well with Siri. It has a quick entry if you use the app to enter items that is much easier as well.

You can set up different stores, and then it remembers the order you check things off, so every time you go back they should be in the same order. Sometimes things are a bit off, but it’s a quick drag to fix. It has a watch app, so I just check things off on the watch when I am shopping.

They did ad a subscription-based recipe thing a couple of years ago, but I said no in the beginning and it never asks me to subscribe and I never even see that side of the app. I open it and it’s right at the list for the last store I went to.

Edit: it has a Mac app as well.


I use Paprika. Don’t know their tracking, but it’s a paid for app and very nice. It’s got it’s own sync mechanism so my wife and I share cr3dentials.

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I use AnyList, which is excellent, reliable, and works well for our family.

… But I’m not so sure no one is collecting tracking data from it. I see no privacy policy on their site. And AnyList supports Alexa integration, so there’s that possible doorway to the Borg.

(OTOH, does it matter if some corporation knows that I buy onions every week…?)


Thanks! I’m checking it out and I see that it uses the native as a backend for syncing and sharing lists. I’ll try and see if it works for me.

I used Paprika a long time ago, but it didn’t stick at the time. I’ll check again to see how it evolved.

This was the first one I checked, but they collect a lot of data:


This may be irrelevant based on your prior experience with it, which I saw after I posted this comment. But I’ll leave it here for posterity.

+1 for Paprika. I think they do not do any tracking. I love Paprika. I use it constantly. I can’t say enough good stuff about it. One of the cool features regarding groceries is that you can have separate lists for different stores, you can automatically add ingredients from recipes to your grocery lists, and you can even mind your pantry stocks with it.

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Drafts checklist. Just check and uncheck as needed. We have one draft for each store. Shared between me and my wife. Syncs fantastic and no tracking.

We do something like this with OmniFocus, although since I’m trying to move away from OF for tasks I’ll probably be looking for a different method.

We’re not super-impulsive for our groceries due to a particular diet, so most things we eat are pretty predictable week-to-week. And basically, we have three stores we get stuff at for pricing / brand availability reasons. So I just created a huge task for each store (“Groceries - Store Name”), and I even went all crazy and sub-tasked the list by aisle / department.

Then I told it to repeat 1 day from completion until something like the year 2099. :slight_smile:

So when we go grocery shopping, we can just take a quick look at what all we need, mark off the stuff we know we’re good on, and then go to the store with that list. Incidentals just get tacked onto their own separate category, and get deleted rather than checked off.

It would never be worth buying OF for this purpose, but if one just has the license laying around… :slight_smile:

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