Nominations for March 2022 Software of the Month Club: selection is "Bunch"

Have at it :slightly_smiling_face:
Feel free to renominate software you may have nominated in past months.
Please - one app per post, so that people can :heart: them and a tally can be made.

I would like to nominate FastScripts: FastScripts 3

This is one of the most used applications on my Mac. They have also recently released a major update which added some nice features, like the ability to see scripts that are currently running.


Nominating HyperPlan again. Would love to see an extended discussion of it.


I’ll nominate Terpstra’s Bunch app. I often feel I should be using it, but haven’t really explored it in detail. Would love to see others’ use cases for Bunch.


I nominate Krisp, which has been a lifesaver for me over the last 2 years. Amazing noise cancellation on both inbound and outbound audio



Are you going to leave the monthly threads open forever or lock them after a reasonable period of time?

I’m not advocating, just cuirous. If in August 2022, people are still posting in the January 2022 topic, is that a good or bad thing?

Raycast is my nomination, gotta convert those Alfred users :joy:


We’re just ordinary members here and cannot lock anything up. Anyway, there’s no need to stop discussing any topic as long as it is relevant to the membership, in my opinion. Another very popular forum beginning with the letter O that am a member of has moderators that shut down almost all dialog or lock threads after a short time. Personally, it seems impolite, and I don’t think that’s good forum management.

… sorry, @JohnAtl.

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Saved me the typing. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I would prefer them to be unlocked. There is no reason to not to comment after 6 months. If it’s in a thread at least the history is there

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Alfred is an application launcher and workflow builder (Spotlight on so many steroids. :smile:.)

Alfred is where work starts for me. It’s indispensable.

  • So maaannyyy workflows. (Also, you can create a workflow in almost any major language)
  • Universal Actions (Action on file/text from any where)
  • Clipboard history (all kind of media)
  • Text expansions (with modifiers/placeholders)
  • Fallback searches
  • Inline file navigation/previews etc
  • Super rich/helpful community
  • Super awesome docs
  • Blazing fast
  • Customizable appearance
  • A really cool icon!

I will keep nominating this until we talk more about it :smile:


not sure this is in line with the Software of the Month theme but it would be really interesting to do a side by side comparison between Alfred and Raycast, people’s preference , etc


I think that’s a great idea for these two apps, or any other apps where there are alternatives to the app under discussion for the month – for example, the Typinator discussion for Feb. 2022 has tip-toed a bit into some other apps. If anyone knows of an existing side-by-side feature comparison for Alfred / Raycast then it would be helpful to post it when either of those comes up in the monthly.


I am really enjoying the “vs” threads
Things 3 vs todoist
Obsidian vs Ulysses.

I really trust the membership here to provide solid, honest and well thought through discussions.



Can we call the side-by-side comparisons SMACKDOWNS?


would Ulysses and Scrivener be a better comparison?

I might vote for this, but there are numerous comparisons on the web and who’s going to compare them both for real, book-length projects? That said I could certainly write a long post (or posts) showing my Scrivener workflow. If someone wants to post a Ulysses workflow for something similar (non-fiction, around 200 pages, output for e-book and print), this could make at least a good side topic if not Software of the Month.


The app I was going to mention goes in the task manager category: GoodTask

Recently switched to it from Todoist and have found it helpful and more powerful than I can figure out how to use so far. Love that it uses Reminders as its backend.


I think the narrow focus and comparative nature would make this a good side topic.

It might well be, but that is the thread I found!

I think these smackdowns as @evanfuchs called them are brilliant


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