Notification summaries - how to view #@@$%! individual notifications?

I continue to have a hard time getting my brain around notifications in iOS 15. I previously talked about my difficulty figuring out how to swipe away – for good – a notification that dropped down while I was using the iPad. My latest puzzlement involves notification summaries, which is the new feature where your notifications come in “stacked” at predetermined times of the day. How do you view the individual notifications in the summary? I tap the summary number, and it shows me the stack. I can long press to view the first notification in the stack, but see no way to get rid of it to move to the one below it. Long pressing doesn’t work, swiping doesn’t work, and tapping it opens the underlying app. I’m baffled.

This is different from the stacks seen in the lock screen?
For those, I just tap and they un-stack.

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I just tried with a stack in Notification Center, accessed by swiping down on my iPad Pro. When I tap the stack there, it launches the app (in this particular case, the NBC Sports “My Teams” app) instead of un-stacking the stack.

In general, I like the concepts Apple came up with to improve and advance notifications, but the execution, IMO, has been horrible and unintuitive, at least for the way I use them.

I think that you might be taping the wrong spot. Just tap where is says “Your ‘x’ Summary” it then expands to show the individual notifications.

Thank you. I will try it the next time I get a stack. My recollection is that expanded it by app, but still had notifications for each app stacked together, but I could be remembering it wrong.

I just confirmed this — I have an old Amcrest camera in my home office, and had a stack of its notifications in ”Notification Summary” on my iPad. I tapped in the “your summary area,” and it expanded the area, but left the Amcrest app’s notifications stacked. Tapping on the stack launched the app.

Strange, I just tried the same thing and it just expanded the stack of notifications. Maybe there is something in the general notification settings that needs to be toggled.

I also wonder if it depends on the app being updated to support the new Notifications model.

Here’s a screen recording that shows what I’m trying:

I haven’t gone back and superimposed my taps with a graphical representation, so hopefully it makes sense. What I do in the recording is as follows:

  1. Tap the “Your Morning Summary - Amcrest Cloud” box just below Notification Center. This moves the Amcrest Notifications below the “Morning Summary” dropdown.
  2. Try swiping to the left. This gives me “Options” and “Clear”
  3. Tap the “Morning Summary” disclosure triangle. This pops everything back up into the notification box I started with, so I tap the box again to move it back under “Morning Summary.”
  4. I long press the Amcrest box under “Morning Summary.” This shows me only the first notification. So I release the long press.
  5. I tap the Amcrest box. This launches the app
  6. There is no step 6 — I never can view the other notifications without launching the app.
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Yeah, it makes sense. Why don’t you force another app into this behavior to test it.

I think I may have tracked this down, but I’m not 100% sure. I toggled the option to show notification summaries in Settings to “when unlocked.” It was set to off for me previously (maybe something I set long ago?).

I haven’t tried it with Amcrest app notifications, but the My Teams app notifications now unstack when I tap them.