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I’ve been using notion for a while now and generally really like it, I live in Australia and Notion lets me down in 2 areas; performance is getting worse and the spell check is American English! the spelling is not a huge issue, but the performance especially compared to Roam is awful.

Has anyone used Craft? as an alternative? it looks pretty nice and seems to do mostly what I want it todo

thanks, Murray

Hm. The domain is for sale. Do you have a link to more info?

I think it is a mistype and should read which is currently in beta in TestFlight. @murrayjack if this is the case, can you update your topic title.

I have just started having a look at it, but don’t use Notion so can’t really help with the comparison.

Hope this helps.


At the moment, craft is not at feature parity with notion. Craft can’t support tables or any of the embeds notion supports (Youtube, Dropbox, Figma, etc). I think if Notion meshes well for your brain (it doesn’t for mine), Craft is a Mac-ified experience which is focusing on the writing part being done right.


Sorry old fingers the link is

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I’m extremely excited about Craft. It looks great, and I’m hopeful it can be a great native Notion alternative. I really dislike electron apps and Bear never quite sat right with me (mainly the organization).

For now, I’m really optimistic and am starting some testing today.

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Ryan Christoffel has an extensive review over on MacStories.

The collaboration stuff looks interesting.


That was a comprehensive review of Craft. I just downloaded it two days ago and tinkered for only a bit but this review let’s me know it’s likely worth the effort to dig in deeper. Thanks for the find Chris

$45/year. Sigh.


Too many note-taking apps to check out and everybody is going subscription model. :frowning:


The only thing that may give users pause is Craft’s business model…
…and that subscription runs $4.99/month

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Starting at $5/month


I cannot believe how inexpensive this app is. I’ve been playing around with it all morning and I’m blown away at how easy - maybe even joyful - it is to use. That’s on the Mac (catalyst), iPad and iOS.

I’ve been tinkering with Roam and Notion … and thankfully craft doesn’t have nearly as many features as them … and it’s a delight to use.

Love it.

I’ve subscribed. I’m convinced I will get an enormous amount of value out of this.

(And … it’s only version 1 - extraordinary)


I’m heading down the same street. Deleted Notion, Walling and Milanote. I’m gonna bet on this horse. Things will get really good when I can go straight from Dafts to Craft.


Woah I didn’t know about this app. This looks reeeaaaall nice

Now if there was something like this, without the collab features and offline without subscription… My dream :sob:

Reminds me a lot of

Are there any more updated grids or feature/function comparisons across Notion vs Craft vs Bear (vs any others)?

I use Drafts a lot these days as both its core function as a ‘text processor/mover’ as well as a place to retain notes, so I’m seeing a ton of overlap with Bear, which for me functions more as a place to retain notes longer term. Also paying premium on Bear (and Drafts) but wondering if that is necessary and could possibly eliminate a subscription and split items between Drafts (premium) and Craft (free) as an example.

Here you go - a detailed comparison between Notion, Craft and Bear (my vote goes for Craft).

I hope this helps you make a decision.

This is great! Thank you!

Welp, I’ve already exhausted my ‘free’ allocation on Craft and I am barely 1/3 of the way through my notes on Bear. And a $51/yr annual subscription to Craft (Notion is the same) is a deal breaker/not worth it to me when Bear serves most of my needs for about $15/yr. Can subscribe to Drafts AND Bear with $15 left over for that price, or try to see if Drafts can possibly serve both needs!

With all the apps that are discussed/reviewed here and on MPU, I’d love to have the team list out what are the must have subscriptions because there is a point where all these subscriptions are going to break people’s budgets and it just can’t sustain.

There are no must-have subscriptions. Use what works best for you or makes you happy.

Sometimes the culture around apps reminds me of high school – having to have something because the “cool” kids have it.


Curious to hear more about what you’d actually need from Drafts in order to go all in and give up on those other subscriptions…