Obsidian goes v1!

Apparently, it incorporates to the general public all the features Insiders were using in 0.16.

Mobile is in a whole new level.


As in good or bad? ……….

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I love the new design. I think the new iOS version hasn’t passed review yet, but I switched to iA Writer on iOS for editing my Obsidian vault. Might end up doing the same on macOS as well, I can’t justify the Obsidian commercial license, but when I’m at home it’s Obsidian all the way.

iOS version is out, at least the iPad version is.

This is a wonderful update — the app is so much more usable now. My congratulations to the entire Obsidian team, especially our very own @ryanjamurphy, who I know is very involved.

I haven’t used it on my Mac as of yet, but on the phone this is a tremendous improvement.


Very impressive update (I’ve been trialing on my Mac the insider version for a couple of weeks). The redesign has transformed the usability and it’s worth reconsidering as a note-taking application. For me it offers similar functionality to UpNote, but with the files under my ‘local’ control.

I rely on the “File Tree Alternative” plugin to give me the folders/files view I prefer, but apart from that the native functionality is comprehensive.

A quick look at the updated iOS version suggests similar improvements. Certainly worthy of the 1.x versioning!

My favourite thing about 1.0 is that, symbolically, it marks a turning point for Obsidian’s ecosystem in which we can anticipate a much more stable API and app design. The app has effectively exited beta, and that can only be a good thing for the ecosystem.

From a conversation on the Obsidian Discord server:

@Craftidore: Has the plugin API hit a stable v1.0 with the Obsidian 1.0 release?

@Licat (Obsidian dev): Plugin API, yes and no? It’s hard to say to be honest. I don’t anticipate making drastic changes to it, but i don’t think we want to limit ourselves with “ok no more API changes down the line ever”

I think at this point we’ve gotten enough experience with the plugin API to know what’s more breaking and what’s not, and we can schedule/plan our upcoming changes well though to keep the future API upgrades smooth


we always try to change the API with backward compatibility in mind. There was a few times where that wasn’t possible/it wasn’t elegant, and we’ve done some research in the plugin community to see how many/which plugins were using the APIs to decide whether it’s worth it for a breaking change vs an API limitation

I can’t take any credit — my role is just helping people, complaining, and sarcasm, and not necessarily in that order — but I will pass it on!


So is @Bmosbacker switching back again?


Well deserved comment no doubt :grin: but I never left, as I’ve stated elsewhere, I use Obsidian for my research summary notes. :grin:


I’ve used Obsidian since the first day it was available for download in 2020, and have never experienced any instability with the app in any way. It’s always been rock solid and trustworthy. So, for me, the transition to 1.0 is a milestone worth applause, but not significant in terms of trustworthiness or stability.



Yep, never had any problems with stability in the year or so I have been using it.

Really like the new default theme and choosing an accent color. I never really enjoyed the custom themes because I never found one I was really happy with. It’s a small change, but the apps looks and feels more modern now.

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I think he was talking about stability in the sense that the API and visual elements will not be changing in ways that break plugins between major versions (hopefully), so plugin developers don’t have to do as much unexpected maintenance.

I’m happy with the tabs implementation! I’m a light Obsidian user, but that makes my use of it significantly easier.


I have been trying other similar apps, like Logseq, Craft, Notenik, Mem.ai, etc,

Every time, I come back to Obsidian, especially using the rock solid sync is great for multi-device use

I only tried Craft but like you, I’ve stayed with Obsidian for my research notes. Obsidian is not adequate for my other note taking needs, e.g., meeting and project notes, but it is great for my research notes.

Seen people over in creative writing forums raving about using Obsidian but woe that web site plays havoc with my Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome (aka Meares-Irlen Syndrome)!

I’m having a very hard time with it. Appearance is all wonky and I can’t get things back where they are readble for me.

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Could it be a plugin not updated that is causing trouble?

A suggestion: switch back to the built-in/default theme. And then, perhaps, change the font size.

That fixed things for me.

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Same problem in safe mode

Nope, same problems.

Posted sreenshots etc on the Obsidian forum

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I’ve been looking around the Obsidian Forum & Discord for information on the Tasks plugin and whether it’s safe to upgrade. Does anyone know?