Obsidian - Journal *PLUS* Task Tracking?

Trying to get my head wrapped around this.

I use Obsidian for daily task stuff, misc. notes, etc. And I have a fair bit of templating in play, including using the Periodic Notes plugin.

I’d like to use it for a journal as well, but not related to my daily task stuff.

Obviously I can’t use the periodic notes for the journal.

Do I just make another folder and write some hack-y code to auto-create the day-specific journal entry? Or is there another plugin that might make my life easier?

Anybody worked on this particular problem in the past? What did you wind up doing?

Have a look at this:

The Periodic Notes Beta Plugin is available (and will hopefully soon be implemented as a public plugin) - it adds the functionality of having several “calendar sets”. So you can have a private and a work-related date-note.


Have you used it? Do you think it’s stable enough to play with?

I did use it for a week and it did seem very stable. But I wait because the Calendar plugin also will get an update and I couldn’t manage to add that as the beta version so waited until they both are out of beta