Obsidian mobile is officially released

In your App Store near you.

I am very keen in seeing what WYSIWYG has in store now. I still love Craft for its beauty and native experience but the sheer power of Obsidian still tempts me. If somehow the gap would be narrowed, I would probably go back to Obs.


Outstanding news. It was getting obvious that a full release was imminent as the quality of the beta was at a point where it works flawlessly (on non-beta iOS).

I’ve been finding that Obsidian is the perfect fit for my workflow, and it’s saved me a lot of subscriptions to other apps/services (Craft, Day One, Ulysses, Squarespace). It has completely replaced DEVONthink, so my workflow has been significantly simplified and I’m finding having less apps has made me able to work much more efficiently.

I’ve finally discovered a single GTD reference system that works for me, and I’ve been searching for one for years.

Great work from the Obsidian team!


Argh! Weekend will be occupied moving back to Obsidian :sweat_smile:. Be a really good app to use alongside DEVONthink & DTTG which is still behind in editor & theme. Obsidian is such a nice tool for visual oriented users :+1: Looking forward to it.

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Replaced DEVOnthink? What about PDF and other non-text files?

How are you using Obsidia for Journaling instead of DayOne? Separate Vault? What about images?

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Note that v1.0.2 of Obsidan on iOS/iPadOS does not include a share extension. The release notes for the final Testflight version (1.0.1), just before the public release, said that the sharing was only for Android, and would be added “in a future release” for iOS. This could come anytime, but is apparently not yet part of today’s 1.0.2 public release. (Please test this for yourself.)

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oof. that kind of kills my curiosity about it for now.

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Oh wow.

Just downloaded the iOS app, and set-up a new vault in iCloud.
Over on the Mac, created a new vault in iCloud, named it exactly the same as the vault started on iOS – and boom, up and running.
Pretty much real-time sync as well. Very impressed at how easy that was.


For those missing a share sheet, Shortcuts + URL schemes works well for text. This shortcut uses the Advanced URI plugin to add shared text (or the contents of the clipboard, if you run it standalone) to the daily note.

Append selected text to the daily note

A few other shortcuts I’ve crafted…

Here’s two variants to opening your daily notes from a shortcut. Uses the Natural Language Dates plugin:
Provide a quick menu of options, including yesterday/today/tomorrow/pick date:

“Capture this” logs a timestamped link to the Castro podcast episode you’re currently listening to to the daily note. Uses the Advanced URI plugin.
Capture this

Note Bookmark will directly open the note you name in the shortcut. You can create multiples of this shortcut if you want to have multiple bookmarks e.g., on your home screen.

Note Bookmark


Don’t give up! It will come. And, as @ryanjamurphy pointed out above, there are Shortcut alternatives.

Personally, using Obsidian side-by-side with any app in split windows is a great approach that I’ve used thorughout the private beta with excellent results.


Well I officially paid for access to the mobile while in beta and never once installed it.




No Dropbox sync yet either (only iCloud, GitHub and Obsidian Sync). Still, moving all my text files from Dropbox to iCloud may be worth it. Here’s their explanation.

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I’ve been using the mobile version for 6 weeks. Absolutely love it and the community around it. And I’ll be trying to teach a university level class with a shared vault this fall to teach digital note-taking.


This sounds like a very interesting class!


We’ll see! Very much building off efforts of others, including Dan Allosso’s efforts.. The trick, of course, is realizing that few (none?) of my students will have played with markdown before and will need some (considerable?) support setting things up. But the idea of building a class graph and exploring key debates in the discipline through careful notes should be interesting. Very much following a key principle of of Ahrens:
"To get a good paper written, you only have to rewrite a good draft; to get a good draft written, you only have to turn a series of notes into a continuous text. And as a series of notes is just the rearrangement of notes you already have in your slip-box, all you really have to do is have a pen in your hand when you read.” (Ahrens 2017:107)


I’m not @Rob_Polding but Obsidian has also completely replaced DEVONThink for me although I’m still in the depths of moving stuff out of DT into Obsidian. I have thousands of items to move and it’s going as well as I expected but is still going to take me months to compelte the job.

All other file types are referenced with inline links, I’ve included PDF, JPG and PNG files so far and had no problems at all. The one potential gotcha is emails, which I had imported into an email archive in DT. I’m still trying out different formats to export them out of DT and not sure what I will end up using. I can get them out of DT and into Obsidian but I have lost in some formats the exact email address used and I’m not sure I like that restriction.

I am considering using Obsidian for Journaling, I’ve never used Day One. I usually journal on paper in a notebook. If I do move to digital it will all be in the same vault as everything else. At this point the only possible external vault will be my email archivne and mostly because of the size. If I can get ti all to work and still fit on my mobile devices once everything else ismoved over I’ll just add it in into a separate folder.


I’m trying to set up the mobile sync, but for some reason the Obsidian folder in iOS Files shows up on the iPhone, iPad, and in the web version, but will just not show up on my Mac. Other files and folders I create on my Mac or in iOS sync, but not that one. Argh! Anyone have any ideas for fixing that?

So, after experimenting with DT, Craft, and Obsidian, I’ve decided that I was trying too hard to use a small toolbox for all of my tools


when what I need is a large toolbox.


So, here is where I believe I’ve landed because so many of the tools have their pros and cons.

  • Craft for all work and personal meeting, project, journal, and reference information. Craft is, in my opinion, better suited for this and easier to use for these purposes.
  • DT for file conversion, OCR–indexed folders only-no imports or native notes.
  • Obsidian for research related PKM

This way, I have a wrench, screwdriver, and hammer when needed and appropriate for the job at hand.

And, all three apps handle MD well so I have the best of all worlds.


Interesting. Is it enabled in System Preferences → iCloud Drive → the Files and Folders tab?

I was able to get sync setup reliability on my iPhone, iPad and MBP without trouble but I had to follow exactly the instructions below. I suspect you are but I thought I’d pass this along anyway just in case it is helpful.

To setup a synced vault through iCloud Drive:

  1. Start the app and choose “Create a new vault”;
  2. Name it the same as your desktop vault to make inter-vault URIs work;
  3. Wait for iCloud to sync this empty folder to your desktop;
  4. Copy and paste everything under your vault to this empty folder, this will now be your synced folder location;
  5. On desktop, using the “Open another vault” option, point to the new vault location in iCloud;
  6. Wait for iCloud to sync everything to your mobile device.

Loving Obsidian over DEVONthink / DTTG for PKM. Obsidian’s markdown editor and genera layout are SO MUCH BETTER :clap:. Makes DEVONthink look old and tired.