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Okay, So I’m kind of a newb to all this tech stuff, but I’ve really been learning a lot from the podcast. I’ve been learning Obsidian and really like it. But my main working device is an ipad. Right now, I have my Obsidian vault in Dropbox, which is my main syncing service, and I’ve been learning Obsidian on a borrowed laptop. I want to get the Mobile version of Obsidian, whether at the beta level or if I wait for the public release. But the problem is, I don’t know how I would handle the syncing. I mainly use my ipad, which means iCloud makes sense, but my work computer is Windows and my occasional laptop is also windows, so iCloud syncing wouldn’t work. Is my only option Obsidian sync? Or just using 1Writer or something like that to edit the Markdown files on my ipad without the Obsidian functionality on my ipad?

Thanks for the help.

Can you install iCloud for Windows on the windows machine? If it’s a work PC, perhaps not but if you can, then there should be no issues using Obsidian on Windows with it. I’ve got an Obsidian notebook in iCloud and it syncs fine on my windows machine that has iCloud installed.

Whilst iCloud for Windows isn’t great, it does generally work I’ve found.

The other option is to pay for the Obsidian sync service, which is platform agnostic.

The iPadOS/iOS version is good. In you join the Discourse they explain how to get a copy of the beta.


Thanks so much, @drezha . I hadn’t thought of iCloud for Windows. It may be tough to get it installed on my work computer, but it’s worth a try. I really appreciate the suggestion.

Why not go old school with the modern equivalent of sneaker net?

Copy the obsidian vault by hand to each device that needs it. Handle any conflicts byt onlymaking changes on one divice or do the individual note updates by hand

I’m using that right now to sync an Obsidian vault to an iMac, and Ipar, an iPhone and a MacAir laptop.

I will admit that it helps that I rarely add, update or edit Obsidian notes on my iPad or Ios devices but I do n both of the oter computers. It’s just a materof remembering who/which device has the correct current copy.

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Since I am mostly on my ipad, I might actually be able to do that. Thanks, @OogieM . I’ll think about that.

Well, I took the plunge and got the Mobile Beta. It looks great. I’m excited to keep experimenting.


See also:

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I was tempted for about 2 minutes but then I realized again that Craft has so many nice efficient features built into the desktop and mobile versions that there is no reason for me to change.

In addition to the excellent backlinking in Craft, the ability to hit “/” and enter a whole range of information (e.g., date, time, photos, equations, and so much more) with more features coming, e.g., tables, that the workflow is faster for me in Craft. Because I can work and export in MD, Obsidian brings very little ROI compared to Craft for my workflow.**