Obsidian vs. Notenik

Hey, I’m the developer for Notenik, which is a note-taking app for macOS. Notenik is written in Swift, the code is open-source, and the app is available for free through the Mac App Store. I’ve developed Notenik primarily for my own use, but it’s gotten some good reviews on the App Store, and I’ve had enthusiastic responses from a few users via email. There are some obvious similarities to Obsidian – Notenik stores all of its notes in folders full of plain text files, and you can use Markdown to format your notes, and you can link between notes, etc. But I would love for Notenik to be used by a wider audience, and I’d love to hear feedback from this community about any bugs found or missing features that would make the app more useful to more people. Thanks in advance for any and all feedback!


Hi, and congratulations on such an endeavor ! Am I right to assume the app is Mac only? I’ve been trying to find it on the French App Store on iPhone and no luck.

I am going to take a look at it. Thank you.

Sorry, but yes, it is Mac only. An iOS version is a possibility at some point in the future, but there’s nothing being actively developed at this point. (On the other hand, since the notes are text files, you can sync them via iCloud/Dropbox, and open them on iOS using a text editor.) Thanks for the question!

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Okay thanks! Then, before any other consideration, considering a mobile app is going to be very high on my list. :slightly_smiling_face:

Downloaded. Having a play. Nice and clean! :slight_smile:

It has been pointed out to me (fairly, I believe) that the title for this topic is misleading, in terns of offering or seeking a comparison to Obsidian. So I’ve posted a separate request for feedback as a new topic. Thanks for any interest in my app!

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I understand that I can open the notenik notes with any text editor, including obsidian, but I wonder what risks are involved with doing do. Is it possible tp “break” a notenik file when editing it elsewhere? If so, how will notenik handle such a corrupted file?

To me, it would be crucial to be able to access, edit and add notes on my mobile devices… How will notenik deal with a new txt file created by another app and missing all Metadata (fields)?

I’ve worked very hard to make Notenik very tolerant of almost any sort of text file that you might throw at it. If you run into any problems in this regard, then I’d love to know about it!

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OK, good to know! I’ll try and see how it goes.

I think it’s really great that you prominently mention that there are no plans for and iOS or Android apps but given that you made Notenik so tolerant, I think you could mention that workflows involving other md editors are entirely possible…

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