October 18, 2021 Apple Event

Interesting that it’s on a Monday, rather than Apple’s usual Tuesday.


Damn. You win, @ChrisUpchurch. I will delete the other thread. ._.

Can’t wait though!

I have heard that the new computers are terrible. No one else buy one until I get one to make sure they’re okay?


“I’ll take one” for the team too! :slightly_smiling_face:


This one it’s going to hurt… I $u$pect ALOT


MacBook Pros. AirPods. New iPad Pros? What else could it be?

My guess is new MacBook Pros and Airpods, but not iPad Pros. If there’s an iPad then my bet would be for a new Air.


Higher spec (M1X) Mac mini.

I would love to see a big iMac and a sub-$5000 external display, but there hasn’t been much in the way of rumors about either as Fall 2021 products.


Agree there won’t be any iPad Pros, given that the M1 model is less than six months old. However, if they were going to spec bump the iPad Air, I would have thought they’d have done it alongside the iPad and iPad mini at the September event.

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I agree with all of this.

I’ll be curious to see how they can improve on the M1. It’s a tough act to follow.

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Based on the rumors, it’ll just be the same basic architecture with more performance cores and more GPU cores. Given that it’s already one of the fastest chips in the world suitable for a device that has to run off batteries, throwing more cores at it should produce some pretty awesome results.

We should start a betting pool as to how much these bad boys will cost

…is not a simple proposition, but if anyone can do it, I probably shouldn’t bet against Apple.

I was hoping for a 27” iMac with M1X. It’s sad I have to wait longer to get it.

However 120Hz MacBooks are fantastic.

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The bigger question for me is will I be able to spec more RAM than the current limit of 16 GB. As someone who can have 3 RAM-hungry Adobe applications open at once when I’m doing a newsletter layout, I’m leery of going back to 16 GB.

Plus, I really want to stop using a laptop+external monitor as my main machine. I’m sick of the instability of that setup and the annoyance of waiting up to a solid minute for the external Time Machine drive to eject every time I want to disconnect.


Besides more RAM, pros want more ports and support for additional monitor(s).

I agree, but I’ m sure it will be worth the wait! I am waiting myself!

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I’m just going to say it…



this will be the first time a new macbook pro is released and I will not have buyers remorse about owning the previous one.


Me too, unless component supply constraints were such that announcing it at a later date made more sense. So, I doubt there’ll be a new iPad Air, but not so much that I’d wager more than a beer against it :slight_smile:

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