October 18, 2021 Apple Event

I’ll be curious to see how they can improve on the M1. It’s a tough act to follow.

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Based on the rumors, it’ll just be the same basic architecture with more performance cores and more GPU cores. Given that it’s already one of the fastest chips in the world suitable for a device that has to run off batteries, throwing more cores at it should produce some pretty awesome results.

We should start a betting pool as to how much these bad boys will cost

…is not a simple proposition, but if anyone can do it, I probably shouldn’t bet against Apple.

I was hoping for a 27” iMac with M1X. It’s sad I have to wait longer to get it.

However 120Hz MacBooks are fantastic.

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The bigger question for me is will I be able to spec more RAM than the current limit of 16 GB. As someone who can have 3 RAM-hungry Adobe applications open at once when I’m doing a newsletter layout, I’m leery of going back to 16 GB.

Plus, I really want to stop using a laptop+external monitor as my main machine. I’m sick of the instability of that setup and the annoyance of waiting up to a solid minute for the external Time Machine drive to eject every time I want to disconnect.


Besides more RAM, pros want more ports and support for additional monitor(s).

I agree, but I’ m sure it will be worth the wait! I am waiting myself!

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I’m just going to say it…



this will be the first time a new macbook pro is released and I will not have buyers remorse about owning the previous one.


Me too, unless component supply constraints were such that announcing it at a later date made more sense. So, I doubt there’ll be a new iPad Air, but not so much that I’d wager more than a beer against it :slight_smile:

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Speed by?

A beefier version of the M1 chip maybe?

If the 14” rumor is true I’m getting it and giving my current M1 to my EA. A win win. :slightly_smiling_face:


I am looking forward to see what’s released, but I’m definitely not in the market for a new Macbook. Just got a shiny new M1 MBP a couple months ago and I’ve been very happy with it. I feel like 14" would be better for my use case but also think that might make it hard to fit into my already small bag, so no buyer’s remorse here either :grin:

Tim Cook….”Good Morning!!! Today, we’re so excited to show you how we have wedged a super computer into a notebook. It bends space-time and we call it MacBook Quantum Leap. Here’s Jeff to tell you more about it.”


I imagine a new MacBook that is designed like an iPad but with an attached keyboard. Something like Surface, or is Apple too proud to copy?

Thank you all in advance for your contributions to the Apple Refurbished store.


Agreed, though the iPad Air might be a “quiet” press release update, getting it on par with the mini. Likely done when the initial mini sales bump tapers off.

Hoping for a more powerful Mac Mini with more I/O and the capability to run 3 screens natively.

Still on the fence about whether I will go iPad Pro + Mini only for mobile use or settle for an MBA/MBP. If only iPadOS would match the capabilities of the new hardware.

No matter what, I expect 18 Oct to be the biggest and most exciting Apple event of the year, giving us a better clue into the future of M chips. Can only think the anxiety is bigger on “the other side”

Now waiting for the RC of Monterey to arrive before the weekend. We should see a full release within a week or so

An M1X Mac Mini would be very welcome. If reasonably priced that is.


If it’s good stuff I’m ordering one personally, and I’ll get another one from work in february when my work laptop is 3 years old.
The battery on my 15" work MBP is at 75% health, and the supplier still won’t fix it.