Of all the songs for Siri to randomly play in the middle of the night

This was the one Siri chose to play on the HomePod Mini in our bedroom veeeeeery early this morning…


OMG!!! I hope you marked it as “dislike.” Otherwise it will keep popping up because it started to play.

If you don’t mind me asking- what were you listening to?

We weren’t listening to anything, we were fast asleep and it randomly played that song! :eyes:

To give you an idea of what’s usually playing on our HomePod.

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OMG! That is just hideous “music” to wake up to! I genuinely feel for you.

Is there someone (like Siri) whose mad at you?

I just checked out your music but couldn’t play it because I don’t have Spotify but it sounds like nice pleasant music. Lousy music is the scourge of society. I cannot tolerate a LOT of the popular “music” now. My nephew, who is in college, totally agrees with me.

So, Apple has the butterfly keyboard team working on HomePod now?

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I did check our Eero app to make sure there wasn’t a prank… it would have been a very effective one! But, honestly? It’s probably just overdue karma for the prank calls I made as a kid.

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ROFLMHO! I use to make many a prank telephone call. I even enlisted my Mom to help. She was phenomenal. Funny lady!

I think it is star 69 to block your number. Nope, that is to dial the last number that came in. Just checked.

Do you happen to know the number so if you make a call your number is blocked from the receiver? It will not show up on the other person’s caller ID. *67 maybe? Yup. Just checked.

I couldn’t have said it better. That is not music. That is yelling.

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I’m genuinely concerned for that fella’s throat.

Good playlist – “sweater weather” is a pleasant phrase

I actually feel rather sorry for him, his throat being one of the lesser concerns.

Interesting. A friend asked me about something like this yesterday. She says sometimes her iPhone will arbitrarily play music in the middle of the night (and, coincidentally, it’s music she finds unpleasant and would never listen to by choice). Is this a thing that happens to people a lot? I don’t recall it ever happening to me. Now I’m wondering if she talks in her sleep and Siri is responding.

(She also says her phone makes an inordinate number of calls to her contacts that she never intended to make, but I think those happen throughout the day.)

:eyes: Very interesting, indeed!

There is a new default setting that will play similar tracks once your songs are finished on Apple Music, that is. That was driving me so bonkers I called Apple Care. They told me what to do but I cannot find it right now.

Does she leave her phone face up or face down at night?

“By default, Siri won’t respond when your device is face down or covered unless you go to Settings > Accessibility > Siri and turn on Always Listen for “Hey Siri.””

My next software project includes a virtual assistant. It’s taking a lot of restraint not to make the tooltip “Like Siri, except it works.”

I played the first 30 seconds and paused the music and wrote this reply. Sorry you had to go through that.

I’m honestly surprised you made it that far. :joy:

How is this a thread about what a HomePod plays and yet you link to a Spotify list!

(I kid… I’m just sad I couldn’t listen to your playlist) :upside_down_face:

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