Older iPhone purchase timing games

In the past few minutes my youngest daughter who hates Apple products, preferring Windows/Android has decided to bow to the peer pressure of “Messages” group chats and her social life. (It’s sad Apple won’t interoperate, but that’s life).

So I need to buy her a recent (but still new) iPhone as her birthday present 5 mths early. Has to be new because a few years ago her sister got an iPhone 11, a year after they came out.

So the questions:

  • Do buy now an iPhone 12 ($849 Canadian), a 13 for $999 (Canadian)?
    Or Wait until after launch day?
  • On/After Launch day roughly how much will a 13 go down in price?

How many more years would people guess a 12 or 13 has for OS support?

Thanks in advance

Definitely wait until next month’s iPhone event when the older iPhone prices will drop.


She won’t be cool, but Apple does sell the iPhone SE…

Thanks - she has tried my wife’s iPhone 13 and likes the size, So no SE in this house.

With an iPhone event rumoured to happen in 2 weeks, I’d wait to get older models with a discount.

Cool, I think the open question is - roughly how long can the 13 expect to get OS updates?

iOS 17 will support devices back to the XR which will give that device at least 6 years of iOS support. I would expect the same for the 13, giving it another 4 at least. Apple has also been releasing security updates for critical vulnerabilities in older iOS versions lately.

Prices have typically dropped about $100 for last generation models once the new models are released. You might get lucky and find a discounted price a few days before. Have you checked with your carrier and find out what type of deal they might be running to get rid of their stock of current models?

Here in Italy the best price drops to get an iPhone happens between June and mid August. As we come closer to the September’s Apple event prices go stready and then align on the official offer for the “previous model”.

to add an info, I just got a flyer from a national seller telling me that the iPhone 14 Pro Max 128GB is priced at 1279€, while the official price is 1489€.
A discout nearly of 15% if I made right my on-the-fly calculation…

The iPhone 12 will likely be discontinued once the new iPhones are announced. I would definitely avoid purchasing it right now.

My guess: $100

What about the “mini” version of the iPhone 13?

iPhone 12 is dead - agreed. 13 Mini is too small - already confirmed and test with her hands. (Pro Max is too big and expensive :slight_smile:

So I guess I know - Sept 12, after the announcement, look in the Apple Store for a discounted iPhone 13.

Yeah, good luck! :+1:

I know I sound like a broken record sometimes with this advice, but check the Refurbished store - Refurbished iPhone Deals - Apple

It’s guaranteed the exact same way a new phone is, and in my experience there’s nothing about the packaging that feels any different from a new one. You’re at the mercy of what’s available refurb, but if you know the price point of “new” for comparison purposes you can frequently find a deal. :slight_smile: