OmniFocus reminder to reply to a MPU Talk thread

I often check MPU Talk on my iPhone while I’m out and about. While the phone works well for reading, if I want to write a more lengthy reply, I’d rather use a Mac or iPad. Since I forget my head if it weren’t screwed on tight, I need some sort of tool to remind myself to write that reply when I get back to a device with a real keyboard.

I launch this workflow from the share sheet in Safari and it creates a task titled “Reply to [name of webpage]”, puts the page’s URL in the notes field, sets the due date to 8pm that day, and adds it to the project “MPU/Automators Reply” in OmniFocus in the context “Computer”.


Good workflow, wish I could run this directly from the share sheet vs selecting “run workflow” but still useful!

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Thank you for sharing. This scratches an itch for me!

@ChrisUpchurch how to you like OmniFocus? I just started playing with it. Is it possible to have lists in it? For example if i say …
New York City as the title
Then add items
And do subtasks?

Is that possible? I can’t figure it out yet

Do you mean projects? Or are you looking for another layer of organization within projects? (you can do both in OmniFocus, the mechanism is just a bit different)

I guess I’m looking for a list with subtasks of places I want to go in a city or state

Well, there’s two ways to do this depending on how you want to set it up. You can just enter all of the places in city X you want to visit with, “Visit City X” in the project field and then when you open that project in the Projects perspective, you’ll see all of the places you want to visit.

If you want to have lists for places you’d like to visit within a single project (so that within a “Places I’d like to Visit” project you have subprojects listing “Visit City X” and “Visit City Y” with all the places you want to visit within cities X and Y) you can do that too. Create your "Places I’d like to Visit" project. Underneath that create a task for “Visit City X”. Then create additional tasks for each place within City X you want to visit. Drag one of those tasks onto the “Visit City X” task and “Visit City X” will become a subproject. Drag all of the other places in City X that you want to visit onto it and they’ll become part of that subjproject’s list of tasks.

@ChrisUpchurch thanks for the help

Has this been updated or does it work for Siri shortcuts?

It works with Siri Shortcuts for me, though I did have to update to OmniFocus 3.

Thanks it wasn’t showing up but now is good