On Auto startup time delay to enter credentials

I have the scheduled power settings on my iMac to everyday power off at 16:30 and to restart at 06:00. If I catch it close after 06:00 I find the machine is on waiting for login. If i am too late, say 10 or so minutes after 06:00 I find the machine is powered off, presumably because I did not log in. I have never timed how long the allowed login delay is but seems about 10 min.

I would like to find the setting somewhere that I tell the Max to be a bit more lenient and give me at least say 30-60 minutes grace time to log in before giving up and powering down.

Anyone might know the setting? Google searches haven’t helped so far.

My thought is this is part of Apple Silicon’s aggressive power saving. Which takes its cues from your iPhone and iPad which shut down or quit apps every chance they get. On the flip side, they do start up again quickly. Which reminds me, sleeping vs powering off might eliminate the issue at the cost of a small amount of battery usage.

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It is an Intel iMac. No batteries for power involved.

Oh, I’m so sorry … may God have mercy on your soul! :slightly_smiling_face:

Yea. just waiting till i can join the cool kids.

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What version of macOS are you using? What model iMac?

macOS 12.5 but same issue before this upgrade. 2017 version of iMac.

Why don’t you just put him into sleep mode?

One reason is that sometimes sleep mode does not stick and I arrive in the am with it on. of course I have tried the various settings to stop that.

The bigger reason is that electricity costs are now extortionate and are said to go up by another 80% this winter. I am looking to save the power cost which is now no longer trivial.

This article might be interesting for you

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yea i get that and know that and it is cool. a point of view that I respect. It is valuable to repost it here.

i am not sure I believe their analysis and value the same things. but I still want to power down.

The article I shared was the first one I found in English, but I know this information from a couple different articles in Germany, some Informations that I read a couple of years ago on an Apple Help website (I currently don’t find again) and informations from an other forum about that, that was going along with some measurement I did for myself with one of the power outlets of my smart home, who could measure that.

Would you mind to explain, why you did not believe in the analysis in general?

Thanks for asking … I have no basis to dispute the power consumption numbers, but you have tested so that’s good info. Thanks.

But they list a lot of bullet points about the ‘great’ things that will happen during PowerNap, and frankly I don’t really care about any of those things happening at night when PowerNap likely to be on. All those things will happen when I re-sit at the computer. And I trust (but don’t know how to verify) all the “maintenance” things to the OS can also “catch up” and if catchup is not built in to Apple’s design, I’d be really disappointed.

Further, for me (and I have data by monitoring the sleep log with:

pmset -g log|grep -e " Sleep " -e " Wake "

that if I put my machine to sleep end of day, for significant periods of time before the next day it actually is “woken” and stays that way. Cant’ find what’s causing that or how to keep it in sleep. Simple as that.

All that aside … I’ll probably change to putting to sleep at end of day instead of powering off. I’ll pay for electricity (but boy is it getting expensive).

My Intel Mac Mini is putting itself into sleep mode; apart from that I use scheduled power settings as you have described in your first post in this topic.

The Mac Mini is being connected to an Eve Energy plug. When the Mac is sleeping (Jump Desktop is showing if it is online), I will eventually shut off the power using the Eve Energy, when I do not need it. If I need the Mac Mini, I turn the Eve Energy back on. My Mac Mini will boot and present me with the Login Screen. This is the only reliable way I have found to connect to my headless Mac mini remotely without having it running 24/7 without sleep.

Yeah, I know. I am not supposed to do that. But I never had any issues, it works for me. Quick and dirty, but reliable. Again, yes, I know that it is kind of “harsh” to “pull the plug” when the Mac is sleeping… :wink:

Thanks. Yes, I find scheduled power off, and then scheduled power back on works as we instruct the machine… For me, the machine doesn’t give me enough grace period to login after power on before it powers off.

The machine does not understand that my other machine (coffee maker in the morning) takes more than a few minutes to finish.

Thanks for letting me know what OS you’re running. I’ve looked everywhere I can think of and can’t find out how long the Mac is supposed to wait for a login before shutting down after restarting. Personally, I always thought it would stay on indefinitely, but that’s not what you’re seeing. (Unless, of course, what you’re seeing is not shutting itself off but is instead crashing….)

Either they shortened the period of time you have to log in or something has gone wrong with your settings. You could try resetting those settings. The article below might be out of date, but it’s a place to start:


Or a SMC reset might give it a kick.

I set my Mac Studio to start up a 6 am this morning. When I arrived at my desk at 6:30 the system was shut down. So I do not think it is an issue with the OP’s system.

I’m running macOS 12.5.1.

Yes. That’s what I see, and hoping some setting would change the “grace” period.

For the time being, I’m going to put the machine to “sleep”. But I have learned it won’t stay sleeping overnight. Here’s the costs I’m trying to anticipate and get around.

Looking at yesterday’s sleep/wake data, I estimate (by eye) for the 24 hour period. I turn on sleep at 17:00 and wake manually at 06:00 (13 hrs, but data shows it does not stay sleeping overnight), using Apples power consumption specs

  • Working: 20%, which is 4.8 hrs @ 100 Watts = 480 Watt-Hr
  • Idle: 50%, which is 12 hours @ 40.5 Watts = 486 Watt-Hr
  • Sleep 30%, which is 7.2 hrs @ 1.19 Watts = 8.6 Watt-Hr

Total Consumption for day ~ 480+486+9=975 Watt-Hr which is .975 kWh

Costs per year using published forecast prices in this country:

  • Now at $.33/kWH … 0.975 kWh/d x $0.33/kWh x 365d/yr = $117/yr
  • Forecast 1 Jan 2023 … 0.975 kWh/d x $0.98/kWh x 365d/yr = $349/yr
  • Forecast 1 Apr 2023 … 0.975 kWh/d x $1.21/kWh x 365d/yr = $430/yr

That just for the computer.

It is what it is and maybe will be. Maybe it doesn’t matter.

(For kicks I’m going to look more closely at the sleep/wake data that the Mac logs to get better computed of above guesses. Oh what we do when we have time on our hands!)

@margaretamartin Thanks for your time! Appreciate it.

I can confirm the machine is not crashing. Just shutting down if I don’t login. I haven’t SMC’d in a while, but I have done that in the past with no noticeable effect. I should have mentioned that already. And Yes, I’ve reset the settings more than once.

I’ve concluded that if there is a secret settings somewhere for “grace” period, it’s still “secret” and unknown.

Thanks again.

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