Opening .mobi in Kindle on iOS/iPadOS

I bought Kourosh Dini’s new book, downloaded the .mobi, and that’s pretty much where it ends on iOS.
I see refs to Copy to Kindle On various sites, but don’t see that on the share sheet. The Kindle app is there, but tapping it the app flashes, but doesn’t open the file.
What do iPad only people (or anyone) do?

Have you tried emailing it?

Thanks. Yes, tried sending to my Kindle email address, but it’s a 400MB file so I had to use Mail Drop, which might be an issue.

Have you tried Amazon’s a send To Kindle app?

What happened when you tried that. It worked for me with a 3.8MB file, but I could see 400MB being a problem. I did have to manually sync the Kindle app to get the file that I sent to show up.

Thanks. I’m sure I could do it on my Mac, but am looking for a way to do it on my iPad.

It looks like nothing happened. No reply to the email, nothing in the app.

If it’s for reading on the iPad and not Kindle just take the ePub version and read in the Books app. I find it a more pleasant experience with better font options too.

Thanks. I like to have my position and annotations synced across devices, including my Kindle Oasis.

I convert all my books to the other format with Calibre, though I don’t think this will help you, as I don’t recall being able to import the .mobi file into Kindle on the iPad.

However, I recall that you can import Mobi’s in to the desktop Kindle app - not sure if that then syncs to your Kindle via the cloud service, but may well sync via a cable sync to your Kindle? Then I guess the annotations and position will sync, but I can’t confirm, as I only use the Kindle app for reading Kindle books - I use Marvin for others.

EDIT: Just read that you wanted to do it on the iPad - unfortunately I can’t help in that aspect as the above requires a Mac/WIndows machine.

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Thanks all.
I wound up doing it on my Mac.
It seems like a simple thing.

I’m having the same problem - I got the same behavior as you did on the iPad… So I used the Mac also and it worked but I don’t see it synced to my iPad yet - is it just taking a while because it’s so big? do you see yours on your Kindle app on the iPad?

Yes. I connected my iPad with a cable. If you click your iPad in Locations, then click Files at the top of the iPad window, you should see the Kindle app, then be able to see the files it uses. Drag and drop your file there.
(iPad is away from me, so I might not have the exact details right. LMK and I can hook it up later.)

I also did essentially the same with the Kindle, connected with a cable, found it in Locations, dropped the file into its documents folder.

I bring up a finder window with my iPad (it’s set to sync via wifi) click on files tab, open the folder for kindle app and drag the .mobi file into that folder from my Mac.

I get LOTS of free books from various places and that is always how I get them onto my iPad.

I have tried, unsuccessfully, to do it entirely iPad only.

When you sideload a book into the kindle app or the actual kindle, does it still sync bookmarks, annotations, and last read page? I thought it wouldn’t sync up.

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Not officially on iOS/Android, but in the past people have reported success by faking ASIN metadata.

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I downloaded sendtokindle (was very excited) but got this message.

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In System preferences - security & Privacy, do you have the option to allow App Store and identified developers? This is a screenshot from Mojave

That’s a clever solution