Taking Smart Notes with DEVONthink by Kourosh Dini has been released


Hm. I wonder how much this will differ from Ahrens’ Taking Smart Notes. My guess is it’ll be a more technical review of using DT to implement Ahrens’ ideas, but still, it’s more expensive.

If anyone buys in, please share a first impression!

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I read and commented on the pre-release drafts. Overall, I think it is a very good document that explains a lot (in granular detail) how to use DEVONthink and at the same time Dr. Dini’s own approach to slip box (Zettelkasten) note taking approaches.

The approach is good and also difficult. Good, because for many it can be a good reference – going into more detail than portions of the official DEVONthink manual, and perhaps more detail than some of Joe Kissel’s Getting Started with DEVONthink 3 manual do.

Is another manual for DEVONthink needed? I don’t know – but this one from Dr. Dini comes integrated with the note taking use case which seems to have a lot of attention these days, and is a very good use case for learning DEVONthink.

What if you already know a lot about DEVONthink and are comfortable with using it? Then in that case, you’ll buy a 500 page book and read 100 pages of it.

So, the difficult part of this book is that it contains lots of useful nuggets scattered here and there, but it’s sort of a “all things to all readers” type of book, which may try your patience looking for the nuggets of information and insight that matter to you, depending on your prior knowledge of the topics covered here.


Thanks much! Okay, that was my first impression, too. I probably would be curious about those hundred pages, but not enough to page through the other 400 to find 'em.

Still, I can imagine how this would be very useful for the folks who don’t waste as much time thinking about the conceptual model of their note system as I do. :sweat_smile::cry:


I absolutely loved his Creating Flow with OmniFocus which, despite knowing how the software works, I have read cover to cover - both editions. There’s always insight in how Kourosh covers even the most basic stuff and huge value in the advanced stuff. I’m buying this one with my eyes closed.


@JohnAtl Thanks John for bringing this work of art to the members here.

I say work of art as Dr. Kourosk Dini’s books are like art. I previously purchased his works on Productivity and Workflows. He provides his materials in various formats and provided some original piano music as bonuses.

Definitely buying this one.

One may think it is overwhelming 500 pages but Dr. Dini is quite liberal with white space often only putting a paragraph on a page or a single quote.


… which by the way has a clippable coupon for the Kindle version, bringing it down to $8.49


Interesting—for me it was $9.99 but gave me a $7.49 credit towards my next “Great on Kindle” book, whatever that is. Looking forward to reading it.


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Oh, does Dini discuss DEVONthink To Go much, or is it focused on DT(3)?

It’s a credit toward a future purchase, not a clippable coupon. Sorry for the confusion.

Interesting! Yeah, I had a totally different coupon.

There’s about 30 pages focused on DEVONthink to Go, and it’s mentioned on and off throughout the rest of the book. The book is mainly macOS-centric though. Personally I think note taking with DTTG is more of a punishment than a pleasure.

I should mention that he does a good job explaining how well DEVONthink works with external editors and how it (and his theme, note taking) can be supported across a broad ecosystem of apps and features. And he provides macros for Keyboard Maestro in the download package that are very nice and assistive.


I agree. The editor does not open full screen. The editor overall on DTTG is poorly designed. It is fine for quick entry of basic text but I would not want to take notes in it.


I have so much hope for the new version of that app. I just hope to see it before I die of old age.


I think they’re timing the release to coincide with nvUltra’s release.

This seems to apply to both of these threads, so I’ve linked it.

Not sure how I missed this, but here is some of the content from the book, as a series of blog posts.


Did you buy it and read it? If so, do you consider it worth the price?

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