Overcast - syncing to Apple Watch


probably until later this year I will be still using an Apple Watch Series 4 - let’s see what the new model will be like :wink:

However, I am having a challenge with syncing podcasts to the watch. Based on the description in the Overcast App I understand that I have to add the podcast episodes, which I want to have downloaded to my watch, to the Queue playlist and then activate the syncing on the watch. I had the watch on the charger over night and it downloaded 2 (the first 2 on the list) out of 8 podcast and the others show both: “Ready to stream” as we as a Download button.

Free space is about 2.5GB, which should be sufficient for the remaining podcasts - shouldn’t if?

Any advice what I am doing wrong would be very helpful!



I’ve found syncing of podcasts to be very slow, but eventually it gets there.
If on the watch downloading is set for “the queue” then it should work eventually.
(not a great answer, I know)

I’ve actually been playing with the thought of going back to the podcasts app, but it’ not full featured enough for me yet