Overthrow the Tyranny of Morning People

As someone who considers themselves a morning person, :slightly_smiling_face: I found this article quite enjoyable and thought it would be of interest to the productivity enthusiasts on this forum. If you’re not a subscriber to The Atlantic, you can also find the article on Apple News.

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I read this yesterday and found it hilarious. I’m not quite the night owl Mr. Nichols is (I think a good sleep schedule is 11:30-6:30 or midnight-7:00).

But I’m definitely one of those people who’d say, “There are two five o’clocks in a day? Who knew?”

Edited to add: I’d be perfectly happy to stay on Daylight Savings Time year ‘round.




I just want it to stay daylight until 9pm year round even if we have to do a reverse of moving the clock in the winter…

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That’s my wife! I’m a serious morning person, though!

Once upon a time, when boomers were just entering high school, my state stayed on DST for one year. It was glorious.

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I’m not exactly a morning person, but I am definitely the contrary to a night owl. As soon as I have had dinner, I cannot basically stay awake in a meaningful capacity. Drinking coffee after dinner only helps a bit and I only do that if I’m with friends. If anyone else is aware of the funky timezone and daylight saving time in Spain, this means that sometimes during summer I have gone to bed when the sun hasn’t set.

Of course, this forces me to wake up early --for Spanish standards, that is-- because my sleeping times are normal. So I have about one hour each morning to do stuff that other people do at night, basically light reading, catching up with news and do some exercising. So I’d guess I am a morning person by need.

Same here. My wife stays up late and gets up later. I’m up and about by 5 most mornings, sometimes by 4:30. :man_shrugging:t2:

Having dinner in Spain means 10pm right :blush:. At least that what I encounter everything I’m in Spain: let all those tourists finish early and Spanish people come later :blush:.
And as you are having siesta from 13:00 to 16:00 you can be a morning person (before the heat starts in summer) and a night owl at the same time :wink: (not meant too siriously :blush:).

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I was a rather severe night person in my teens and 20s. I saw a lot of sunrises before going to bed.

These days I tend to get up around 7 am most days. Even on days like today when I have decided to sleep in to catch up on sleep, I was up at 7:30.

I think this is common as people age.

That is absolutely the case! I recall during my last trip to Spain going to dinner as late at 9 and not being done until almost 12. I was exhausted. :yawning_face: I normally eat at 5 and in bed by ~9pm. It was past my bedtime before we starting eating! :laughing:


As a night owl I wholeheartedly agree with the article. Notice that I’m typing this at 1:25 am. Just staying up to set the clocks back :smiley:. I’ve gotten worse since I retired.

I’m similar to the Chevron schedule :smiley:

Since getting my Series 8 Watch and having the battery to go through the night, I realised how shockingly little sleep I got and changed to wake up to 5:30 instead of 4.

I like the night and get an odd second wind if I don’t wind down from 20:30 to 21:00. Short-term, fine. Longer term, trashes my sleep.

The hours for 4-8 am are my most productive. I’m curious if this is genetic, habit or environment.

Me, too. Up at 3:00 am (CDT) for some reason this morning. Just in time to set the clocks back an hour to Central Standard Time. Without a daily 8 to 5 work schedule including evening and weekend hours as needed, my sleep schedule is no longer enforced by exhaustion :slightly_smiling_face: and is frustratingly irregular.

TBF, the so-called ‘tyranny of Morning People’ is a mere fleabite to the distress and despair caused by those Monarchs of Misery, those Plenipotentiaries of Pain, those Sociopaths of Sociableness, Extroverts who insist that just because they like to go to parties and stand around mouthing barely audible platitudes to people they don’t know or care about while knocking back cheap wine and moving their bodies almost completely out of synch with the overbearingly loud and lamentable ‘music’ then any normal, decent, sensible person who doesn’t want to go with them is an Antisocial Killjoy.

It’s often been said that there are three great lies in this life, and the greatest of them all is: "Oh, stop being miserable. It’ll be fun! You’ll enjoy when you get there!

  1. I’m not miserable now, but I will be very, very miserable if you make me go to this abomination you call a party.

  2. It won’t be ‘fun’. Fun is staying at home reading a good book.

  3. I won’t enjoy it when I get there, I will hate every minute of it and it is only my cheery loving disposition which prevents me from hating you for making me go.

So, what’s everybody else doing for Christmas?


Now that made me laugh!! :joy: Although, as a mild introvert, I can relate, I hope my response is not quite that bad! :rofl:

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I’m in the “too old to have career goals, too young to retire” age range. Currently self-employed. I still tend to gravitate to a 9-5 weekday schedule.

However, I told a client I’d have a project done this weekend, which means I’m working today (Sunday), even though I also have personal errands to do today. I’m telling myself that as a self-employed person there’s nothing stopping me from doing those errands tomorrow, or later in the week–but I don’t believe myself.

As someone who is nearly 40 and has small children, even as I find myself waking earlier due to both natural causes (aging) or the natural consequences of my own actions (small children), I would still prefer to stay on DST and have it be lighter later into the day. I’ve always found it sad and at times exhausting when you finish working and it’s dark, but for both the kids and for me, it was already dark in the morning, it’s still dark when we get up now, and either way it’s going to be light by the time daycare or school starts. Both they and I would much rather deal with a solid progression into shorter days than a major change to it now being dark at 4pm and still dark at 6am.

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The US tried year-round DST in the 70s, and we hated it. Nobody wanted the sun coming up well after 8 am.

The best solution would be year-round Standard Time. People say they don’t want it, but they do.

There’s a Steve Job quote that’s actually relevant here.

Seems likely we’re going to get year-round DST soon and go through that again.

As someone with a medium-sized dog that needs to be walked first thing in the morning alongside roads, I like it when the sun comes up early, and I’m OK with it going down before 5 pm and even before 4:30 pm.

I don’t, and I’m not.

Let’s talk about something safe like religion and politics :grinning: