Panic Nova app goes to V10

Panic Nova app goes to V10 touts new dock icons.

Problem is no icon appears in the dock when it’s running :smiling_face_with_tear:

I really wanted to like Nova but it’s becoming harder and harder given the slow updates and annual sub, especially since VSCode is so dynamically developed.


Oh well after a restart the icon has now appeared…

The only thing for me Nova does better than VSCode apart from the native Mac app vs Electron debate is that Nova’s built in FTP which is based on Transmit of course is way better than any VSCode plugin.


Man, I wish Nova was worth the $$. I’ve tried it a few times and just have a few too many sticking points that are harder to overcome due to the lack of third party add-ons.

VS Code is great, except I absolutely hate it’s auto indent features. I can never get things to do what I want when copying and pasting multi-line code blocks.

Atom works exactly how I want in copy and paste, looks better than VS code (IMO), but the plugins I’ve found for goto definition are not nearly as good as VS code.

I currently use VS code, mainly because I feel like that’s what everyone uses. Atom just sits there and waits for me. Nova is dead to me.

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I have been using Sublime Text and it’s been great. Lots of plugins available. When paired with SublimMerge it’s a great combo. I rarely go to VSCode.


I briefly tried Sublime Text. Could be a good option. Perhaps I’ll have to give it another shot, as I’m not fully satisfied with any of my currently installed options.

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I had the same issue with the icon.

After some brief testing, it seems, that some of the qualms I had with Nova have been solved. Maybe I’ll be doing a text editor code off soon…

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The first class support for tree-sitter is going to be good for Nova. Being a full-bore Mac app has made it hard to port over extensions and this will at least help with achieving complete languages support.

Did the qualms include frequent crashing? And if so, has that been solved?

I gave Nova a shot (I believe) a year or so ago, and that was the one major problem. I’d just be working on a doc, not even doing anything exotic (like saving, uploading, etc. :slight_smile: ), and it would crash.

If that’s not an issue anymore, I’d happily look into it again. :slight_smile:

I haven’t used it enough recently to comment on it.

I tried it about 8 months ago for a couple weeks and never had that issue. So no, the qualms did not include that. Your mileage may vary though.

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I haven’t seen it crash like that, but it wasn’t unstable for me early on, either. So who knows. :slight_smile:

I’m typically happy with Nova when I use it, but once in a while something just goes… wrong. I’ll open a file in BBEdit and the indentation is nothing like what it was in Nova. Or I’ll edit documentation in Markdown using MKDocs, and I’ll get an error message when I save that the Markdown couldn’t compile because of unexpected characters (totally invisible to me).

I know Nova uses its own type rendering system, but it seems like that introduces more problems than it’s worth, considering how flexible my files should be from one app to another.

I’m past my year of updates and, as much as I like using Nova, I’m still on VSCode, because at least it works consistently. (And sometimes BBEdit for the same reason.)

Not had crashes but not used it for a couple of months.

The cut down version of Transmit built into it along with the “publishing” system is really what keeps me coming back to it. For me it’s the main area where VSCode does not compete.

VSCode can do everything. Which is precisely the problem with it for me. It’s so… Microsoft.

I don’t use Nova a lot, but when I do, I enjoy it a lot.

I’ve been avoiding Nova because I remember how poorly Coda was handled. I love the look of Nova though, and tree-sitter support is huge!

After using Atom and then VS Code, I returned to Sublime Text + Merge when ST4 came out. While the LSP package helps a lot, there’s still areas where VS Code does the job better, even if it is slower.

Reluctantly, I went back to VS Code last month. It falls short when using its limited Git integration, but that’s where Sublime Merge comes in.

Tried sublime merge, but settle on fork which seems to do the job just fine when I need a GUI for git.

I don’t currently use Fork for web development (I probably should), but I do use it with Xcode for my app development, and I love it. Really a fantastic program, I recommend it highly.

I just installed Nova 10 and just as you said, the icon in the dark is empty. I wouldn’t say it “no longer appears” – there’s a spot for it. I assume a restart will fix it. I’ve been pretty happy with Nova (and I was pretty happy with Coda).

Restart fixed it for me. I have just gone back to Sublime Text (mentioned in this thread) after a break of over 2 years, forgotten just how competent and fast it is.

It is very easy to get lured in by the new and shiny (Nova, VSCode etc), pretty sure now I will stick with ST and can not see me renewing my Nova license next time it’s due, for me the pace of development is just not worth the subscription.

Does Sublime Text do native FTP/SFTP? I played around with it for awhile, and I don’t seem to recall being able to find that feature.

You’d mentioned that was one of the reasons you liked Nova.

No but there is a commercial plugin that is rock solid which I used before for several years without issues

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Same. I was an avid user of Nova, but just can’t justify the cost (as much as I like the team at Panic) with how good and extensible VSCode is!

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