Philips Hue - your favourite apps?


I jumped on the Philips Hue wagon. I quickly check for the applications to play with them and was quite overwhelmed by the joice (and the plethora of freemium junk…). So I would like to ask fellow nerds about your favourite apps beside the Philips one.

PS. I have the colour ones. I would love to have something for music and or or movies. The problem is my Mac is in my office, whereas the bulbs are installed in my living room with the sound system. I know about the Hue Sync but that is for Mac only.


I’m in the same boat I’ve long been wanting something to sync with either an Apple TV for my strip lights behind my TV!

I thought somewhere I’d seen an app where you could use your iPhone camera in front of the TV to set the lights according to the on-screen colour?

I’ve dabbled with iPhone apps like iLightShow which as you mentioned give very little in terms of free use but I was intrigued to see if they worked with Apple Music as a test. HueParty gives a lot more flexibility in terms of settings for Music (via Microphone) but only allow you to control one light in free mode, which in my case was a strip.

I am mostly using the native Philips app iConnectHue - a bit of work to set it up but then great!
For scenes increasingly HomeKit but also Yonomi.

@Sven do you mean that you use the Philips app along with iConnectHue as they are different.

I love iConnectHue and see that they now have some music related integration that I have not tried out yet.

I tried many others as mention there are so many and picked iConnectHue as my choice

Yes, I am using both but mostly iConnectHue. I use Philips Hue for setting up new lights and combining the ambient light of a Philips TV set in routines, that I don’t get to work with iConnectHue for some reasons. Otherwise, iConnectHue if it is only about lights…

Echo Plus and a few hue bulbs work fine for me.