Phots library synced thru iCloud

Hi can anybody solve this headache please, my daughter has a apple photos library in apple icloud, ok simple so far, she has only taken photos on her iphone 6 and ipad (No other computer involved), how can she get a copy of that library onto a external hdd. I can see a way of copying each photo seperately onto the hdd which is a long process. How can the entire library be downloaded in one go ? anybody ? thanks

Roughly speaking, here are the steps you’ll need to take:

  1. Set her up with an account on the Mac.

  2. Launch Photos app

  3. Create a photo library on the external HD.

  4. Set that as the “system library” (see Photos preferences)

  5. Tell Photos to sync with iCloud Photo Library.

  6. Tell Photos to download all photos

  7. Wait.

Thanks @tjluoma for your reply, the only thing wrong is that her new Mac is on her own new apple id and the iphone where she accesses photos from is on another old apple ID, we would like to get everything off her OLD apple ID and onto her new apple ID so that every device syncs ??

The only way to do that is to set up a separate account on the Mac with the old Apple ID, download everything, then use the primary account on the Mac (connected with the correct Apple ID) to upload the .photolibrary that you downloaded.

It will be slow going, and you may have to convince the Mac to let one account access the other account’s .photolibrary by changing the permissions.

But the first thing to do is get started downloading the photos locally.

Still a bit confused why she needs the new ID if she’s been using the old one for a long time (re. Our discussion here: Apple ID's MacBook Pro iPhone and iPad)

Ok thanks, going to spend a bit of time on this I feel, but it should be ok in the end, thanks again