PHP and Apache Web Server in a Docker container

Continuing the discussion from Upgrade to Monterey:

Sounds like a job for a Docker container. Either the PHP container with Apache added:

or the Apache (httpd) Server container with PHP added:

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You can actually start from any image and install the software you need. So you can start from Ubuntu image (which I recommend) and install both Apache and PHP or any other PHP modules you need. Gives you full flexibility to install any required software.

Edit: you can also try Takeout, which saves you the hassle of worrying about the image and just runs the software you need.

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I’m very familiar with Docker - not least because z/OS (from 2.4) supports it very nicely. I didn’t see the need to do that in this case. And might fall foul of the new Docker licensing costs.

But sell me on why I might want to do Docker for this use case - rather than running native.