alternative (bookmarks/archives pages etc)

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I use - $25 a year (for full archiving capabilities) - it is dated now and development appears to have halted. It is basically a bookmarking website app which also archives the page at the time the page is bookmarked (useful for storing information).

I am looking for an alternative with an iphone app that is either a one off purchase (e.g. iphone app with dropbox/icloud sync) or less costly.

Your thoughts are welcome.

(I have messed about all evening with wallabag and managed to get it working on shared hosting however it leaves a lot to be desired as well as I could not get it to work with the chrome extension or the iphone apps (its own and a third party) so have wasted an evening :frowning:


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What’s lacking for you in Pinboard’s existing feature set? I have been a subscriber since 2010 or so, and I occasionally also use the Pinswift app on iOS, mainly for adding URLs via the share sheet. Am curious as to what you see as its failings.

Here are some alternatives.

Before I moved to Pocket as a my permanent article bookmarking service I used to simply save pages from Safari as webarchives.

If Pinboard’s development has been halted, that’s a shame. Pocket was purchased by the Mozilla Foundation, and it (free and premium) is now built into Firefox, and I expect it to have a decent chance at continued existence, at least for the next few years. It’s well-supported, and works well.

I can’t speak to one-off price alternatives, but one reason I moved from Instapaper to a premium Pocket subscription was the ability to archive every saved article permanently, so that if the article disappears or goes behind a paywall I can still have access to it. And it saves in all your articles in a Safari-Reader-like mode without ads. And there’s a syncing Mac app that lets you print to PDF from that mode.

Unfortunately, it’s not cheap. Pocket is free, but the premium version, which has the ad-free reading, the reader-mode, the permanent library, and tagging (and it suggests tags too, pretty intelligently in my experience), is almost twice the price of Pinboard, at $45/year. (I’ve been using it for many years and am grandfathered in at a lower rate.)

Pinboard used to be one time purchase, I am surprised they moved into annual model without a word from them.

I am using Pocket as well…which is a bit different I think. But at least they are clear.

It looks like Pinboard went to annual pricing on January 1, 2015.

I signed up in 2013 and my understanding is that I can continue to use Pinboard without paying an annual fee. For whatever reason, Pinboard never really stuck for me.

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That’s exactly my problem Tim, I signed up some years back, and did not really use it. That being mentioned, I expected they keep their word for it.

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Delicio,us, Diigo and Xmarks all shut down (others too whose names I can’t remember). It’s a tough business, and one-time purchases simply don’t pay for development, maintenance and support.

If you really don’t want to pay a subscription, you can still bookmark sites for free and save pages as PDFs or webarchives. I do this even though most articles I want to save or read go through Pocket.

I use Pocket a lot. For the last couple of years I’ve gotten my money’s worth from the service… :wink:

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I am fine that they turned into annual subscription. But as existing subscriber who paid for special term, I need to be informed when they downgrade me. I feel that’s a very basic right.

WOW about Pocket! Keep the good work :smiley:

Except they didn’t. The blog post @timstringer linked to stated, “If you already have a Pinboard account, or sign up for one before January 1, 2015, this change will not affect you.”

And they informed people about this in 2014. Are you sure you didn’t get an email about the change then?


How well does search work on Pocket?

Full-text search is pretty fast. I have several hundred articles saved online (I don’t know exactly how many - it’s odd that the number is not prominent anywhere!) and I randomly just searched for ‘mercury’ and got results with Google-like speed. (Did it accurately find everything? I don’t know!)

And here’s a hashtag search:

I’m trying out Pocket with Premium for a month then will see if I like it. My only gripe with it so far, is I want more data regarding the saved article, mainly the date I saved it. I can’t seem to find the date I saved the article and instead am only finding the date of the actual article. I already had an account, but it’s been years since I’ve used it and would like to know when I was saving these articles (this doesn’t matter as much but would be fun to know). My brain works in chronological order, so I can think of an article, not knowing the title but the general gist of the article and know that yes I saved that two weeks ago which is how I’ve been using Pinboard.

Let me know if I am missing something because if the save date is there I think I might start using this full time as a web catch-all before processing to DEVONthink once a week.

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There might be a way to automate that import, thus giving you a valid save dat in DEVONthink.
Previous discussion:

Besides flashy graphics, what advantages do you see Pocket holding over Pinboard? I use both, the former as a reading list, the latter as a bookmark archive, though my use of Pocket has fallen off lately.

How does Pocket compare with Instapaper, particularly for search?

I have never found a satisfactory read-later app. Safari has the only satisfactory readability formatting, with Instapaper and Pocket’s formatting, you’re trading one set of problems for another. OTOH, Safari’s reading list is unreliable for offline saving, and it doesn’t let me easily save my place when reading or note which article I’m currently reading.

That’s something you’ll probably have to try yourself. I abandoned Instapaper years ago when Marco (who still owned it) made it clear that he was not interested in either video or full-text saves, and I was not enamored of that grayscale UI either. I know that some of this has been rectified by the newest, latest owners, but I have no reason to go back and compare.

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DEVONThink is an app to consider. You can do a one-time purchase and it will sync via iCloud or Dropbox or lots of other methods.

It does a very good job of saving as “cleaned-up” Web Archives or other formats, even Markdown.

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