Poll: 1Password Sync

I was trying to see if there is a poll option on here. I probably missed it somehow in trying to use my iPad.

What is everyone’s preferred sync method for 1Password? (I am thinking of removing Dropbox once and for all from my mac mini)

I stared using 1pw 10 years ago and switched from the standalone version to 1Password.com in 2017.


1Password.com, families version. Makes it easy for my wife and I to access each other’s vaults when needed. I get it via my Eero Plus subscription.


I use their sync. Works well, at least never noticed any problems.


Ditto for 1Password family plan and sync.


I’ve used the standalone version for years but switched to their hosted option once 1Password families was released. It makes managing shared secrets a breeze. Anytime my wife asks me for a password, I tell her to look in 1Password.

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Families for home; Teams for work.

Family plan for me as well (even just emailed my parents to add them to my family since I think they’re still in “use one password for everything” mode)

1password for families for at least 2-3 years. Prior to that, have been using 1password since 2014. This is the easiest way to ensure my family members do not lose their passwords.

Even though my family members are using 1Password sync, my primary vault is on iCloud… Works well enough. Two reasons:

  1. still a bit uneasy with having stored in a central 1Password server. I figured, if I am a hacker, I’d be motivated to breach 1Password servers as it contains passwords for thousands of customers. I am probably paranoid.

  2. iCloud sync provide me the assurance that if I were in a position where I lost my phone and had to buy a new phone. All i need to remember is my iCloud login and my 1password master password to access my vault.

1Password is actually one of my Forever Apps: Forever Five

I recall, prior to 2014, I used Roboform for a few years. Wonder what they are doing now….

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( :white_check_mark: ) - local WiFi only, no subscription

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1Password families since they introduced it. And teams for work.

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1Password for Families (with early adopter bonuses).

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1Password for Families, previously standalone local sync.

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Families early adopter. Just discovered the guest access which is pretty cool

I just use the 1Pass Sync (no families). Only factor that “forced” me to switch was that I couldn’t install it on my work laptop when I moved jobs and therefore became reliant on the 1Pass X plugins on the browsers, allowing me to access 1Pass without having to have the software installed.

I have used 1Password for a decade and migrated to 1Password Families a year and a half ago. While I was a bit annoyed at first to have to add another subscription to the mix, I couldn’t be happier with 1Password Families. It really is a huge step up and the ability to share vaults has greatly improved my family’s collective security and made managing things much easier for me. I see tremendous value in this subscription and am glad that I finally made the move!

@FrMichaelFanous, who not create a poll? Would be very interesting to see the results!

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Family plan here too. Provided by IBM but I’d pay for it if they didn’t. Moved from paid LastPass to it a year ago. Unlocking from the watch is magic and the 1Password Vault Structure suits our usage better.

Sometimes, the sync sticks. Closing and re-opening the main app after 30-60 seconds seems to clear it. Doesn’t happen every time.

I didn’t even realize this option was there. Enabled and feeling happy that I won’t have to type my password as much!

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another 1password.com user

Standalone for me and sync via WLAN server for my iOS devices. Manual sync (move the .opvault file over by hand) for sync of main mac to laptop.