POLL: Do you upgrade your mobile every year?

Do you upgrade your mobile every year?
  • YES
  • NO

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Poll will close in one week. i am really curious. If you listen to the podcast, it seems people upgrade every year but I have a feeling most people in the Mac Power Users do not upgrade every year. Please provide clarity on this by voting.

Did did not the last couple of times but this year I will be jumping on the upgrade program bandwagon.

Reselling a used iPhone doesn’t give me the same return any more and using the Apple upgrade program works out financially equal if not better for me.

The planet. Just. Well. The planet. Something’s gotta give.


I’d be interested if the poll said how long one will keep a phone for. I wonder who has kept their phone in use the longest?!?

I’m always been on a 2/3 year timescale

Model, retention
3g, 2 years
4, 3 years (I loved the 4, best design ever)
5s, 2 years
6s plus, 2 years
X, 3 years (2nd best design ever)
12 pro, 3 years

I purchased my iPhone X in November 2017. I don’t plan to replace it until the iPhone 13 is available, so that would be a four year cycle for me.

This would be interesting insight as well. Perhaps, after this POLL concludes, I will ask that.

I find Data in these forms interesting :slight_smile:

We are on a 3-year replacement schedule, and frankly I might stretch to four since my iPhone 8 is doing just fine.

I’m still on my iPhone SE, bought in June 2016. It’s getting long in the tooth, but it’s still usable.

I keep my idevices for a very long time (5 years at least), unless there’s a really killer feature. But my use case is really frugal: I just want an iOS device with a battery and a screen :slight_smile:

Next year, Apple should drop support for the iPhone SE 2016 as far as iOS is concerned and I should upgrade then.

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Two years. It’s not worth trading in a phone to upgrade every year. I would rather hand it down to my relatives.

I will change from my iphone 10s Max when my wife gets sick of her 7Max. At well over $2000 AUD for a new one its not something I do lightly.

I’m on a 2-year cycle. My old phones get passed down to my parents.

Right now my Dad is on my old iPhone 6, which won’t even run iOS 13, much less 14. Once I get my new iPhone 12 Pro I’ll be able to upgrade him to my iPhone 10S.

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Now that I think about it, I guess I’ve been close to a four year cycle also. I purchased my first iPhone, the “big” one :grinning: with 8GB of storage in ‘07. Then a 4S, 6S, and now an 11.

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I am on my second iPhone 8. The other was damaged and was replaced. That was the first iPhone I had fail me. My first iPhone was an iPhone 5. I had it two years, gave it to my wife. She kept it a year and a half before it completely failed.

I had an iPhone 6 for about three years. I traded it in on an iPhone 8. It is going okay. The battery life isn’t the best as of late. However I like having the home button.

I am liking the iPhone 12. Whether I take that leap, I am not sure.

The last couple of years, yes — I’ve been on the iPhone Upgrade Program. But earlier this year I switched to a carrier that doesn’t participate in the program, so upgrading would be a pain. Plus, the 12 Pro isn’t enough of an upgrade over the 11 Pro to make it worth the hassle to even try.

So I’ll keep going with the 11 Pro at least until I own it outright, and then I’ll see what’s on offer.

Now, if Apple had managed to put the 12 Pro camera into the 12 mini, I’d probably be trying to figure out how I could make a trade work…

I’ve gone 3GS, 4s, 5s, 8. There is a good chance I get some version of the 12 or an SE soon as my 8 has been acting up on me.

Phones trickle down in my family (of four). My daughter is still on a 6s that had it’s battery replaced last year. My only hard and fast rule is that phones in use must be capable of (and actually be) running the latest iOS version.

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Apple do so much to use recycled materials and to recycle materials in old phones. I say buy your phones as often as you want and cut back in other areas.

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I buy a new phone every 4-5 years. My XS is still fast, never runs out of battery over a day and will do me for at least 2 more years.


I’ve gone:

Blackberry storm :see_no_evil:

Will probably wait until the 13 comes out to upgrade again. My 11 is horribly scratched (design flaw IMO) so that’ll send me over the edge eventually.