POLL: What email service are you using? - Personal and for Work

Hello guys.

I was very intrigued by the result of the previous poll on MacPowerUsers

There are two polls - What is your primary personal email service and what is your primary work email service?

What is your primary personal email service ?
  • Gmail
  • Outlook/Hotmail
  • iCloud
  • Yahoo
  • Fastmail
  • ProtonMail
  • HEY
  • Others

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What is your primary work/business email service
  • G Suite
  • Microsoft/Office
  • Fastmail
  • Protonmail
  • Email from your domain provider
  • Others

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My response:
personal: Fastmail
work: Microsoft 365 (work forces this on me but it actually works well in a corporate setting)

Please share yours.

I use Gmail for personal stuff. I just switched my work email from G Suite to Hover.

Personal: iCloud
Work: Microsoft 365

This is true for me as well, but unfortunately only the “forces” part. The “works well” no longer after they enabled Multi-Factor Authentication…

I can’t use any third-party App (like Spark, Fantastical, and Cardhop) any longer :cry: (only Outlook)


Both for work and private, self-hosted servers.

Private: Debian+Dovecot+Postfix
Work: MS Server+Exchange Server

Personal: a mix of Gmail, private domains I control, and iCloud. I create email accounts for different purposes and rarely disclose my “innermost” personal account to anyone outside of family.

Work: M365 (nee O365) interfacing private domains I control.

My primary personal email: Soverin
My main work email: O365 (chosen by my employer)
My side hustle: Mailbox.org

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private: protonmail
work: office365

Personal: FastMail.
Business: MS Office. (Not my choice, of course.)

Hey / G Suite. Although we are toying with moving work to O365 (hope we don’t though.)

Personal: Fastmail with personal domain
Work: Office365 (also access to clients O365 and Gsuite so setup on devices)

Hello @Lars

Self hosted - how is that going re: maintenance etc? Why do you self host?

Before signing up with Fastmail, I consider self hosting but gave up when I saw what was required. I am not very tech savvy.

@cornchip - since Hey for Work is coming soon, do you think you will move away from G suite? The pricing for Hey for Work is interesting because it doesn’t include the @hey.com address.

GSuite doesn’t scan your emails or target advertising. So they say… do you believe them?
I personally think GSuite is a great product but many people say they move from GSuite due to privacy reasons. Just because it’s Google, people assume their privacy is at risk. Email itself is not very private.

Their (Google) policies, are at times are better. For example, Hey records your IP address every time you use Hey and this data is not deleted. Google does the same but deletes it after 18 months.

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I didn’t know that work can disable third party apps by requiring 2FA codes.

I have been working for more than 10 years but never have I accessed email outside of the work computer so never used it on mobile etc. I find it better for my sanity to keep it that way.

No, we won’t move to Hey for work for my employer. We have too many users who can’t imagine life outside of MS Outlook on their desktop. :frowning: We also don’t have the price increase Hey would require in the budget. I would certainly consider using it for my other professional work that requires a custom domain, though.

The pricing for Hey for Work seems okay, though, because as I understand it, they are just saying that they don’t give your employees a personal @hey.com address in addition to their work one on the custom domain.

I do trust the G Suite privacy promise to be meaningfully different than the personal Gmail product. Google can make an 18 month promise about IP address cleanup because they’ve been in business for awhile and are good at creating derivatives and aggregations of your data within that time frame. I wouldn’t mind a similar promise from Basecamp but this is a new product for them, and they are conscious about data, overall, so the differences don’t concern me. I’d rather their ops team go full tilt on reliability and latency and do log cleanup when they have the time.

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I have this problem at my work computer as well…

No Spark, Fantastical, or Cardhop; only Outlook :frowning:

I use Gmail + 2 G Suite accounts (my domains) for personal mail. Before I retired my company was moving to G Suite.

Same here - Outlook on Windows. That is the only option. And I hate to admit it, but it works well

Personal: Gmail, or more precisely a vanity domain on GSuite.
Work: I use what my employer has decided we should use. It works with Apple Mail, which is fine with me.

My previous employer, where I worked until February, used O365, and required Outlook on the desktop and iPhone. It was fine, except for one exception: I could not link to an individual email message, which is something I often do to create tasks in Things. As a workaround, I used Hook. In the last several months of employment, I used the O365 web interface in lieu of outlook, and that worked well.

MxRoute - personal and for side projects. Took advantage of their Black Friday promo a few years ago - https://mxroute.blackfriday/
They provide email service and it works. I use it with Apple Mail.

Outlook - work