[Poll] What is your primary browser on macOS?


  • Safari
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Edge
  • Brave
  • Other (in comment)

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Firefox. Privacy controls, containers


Firefox: Best support for HTML5 Canvas. Most notably the ability to save the contents as a graphic.

Firefox. Containers and speed.

Firefox. For privacy, containers and extensions that are often unique to the platform.

I just started playing with Orion today also, it’s webkit-based but can run firefox extensions. It’s too early to tell what it’s worth though.

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Chrome because office’s Google account and web development

I am also trying to use Orion instead of Safari. Better experiences so far, the thing I currently don’t like is lack of hand-off capability from macOS to iOS (iOS to macOS works fine). The dev say next update will allow mac → iphone hand-off


Safari: private relay, add to reading list available everywhere, cross-device bookmarks and tabs without any fuss. Tab groups.

If I have to have something Chrome, I use Brave.


Brave for internet browsing. Few needed plugins for productivity and maximised security settings.

I use Vivaldi with tiled tabs to run my work Office365 (2 Teams tabs or Outlook Mail and Calendar side by side). This saves me from having to use another laptop at the same time. Work laptop does not allow VNC/RDP.


Safari: extensions and cross-platform handoffs (reading list, iCloud Tabs, etc.). I use Chrome for any Google apps, and Edge for any Microsoft cloud apps.


I’m one of the miscreants who chose Chrome. Sorry. I do so because most of my website’s visitors do, and using Chrome makes it easier to develop for them accordingly.

I check everything in Firefox and Safari, too. Safari is, as one would expect, much more accurate than other browsers in simulating how pages appear on various iOS devices’ screens, and I use it for that as well as to confirm that I’ve properly addressed its quirks (it truly is the New IE where HTML/CSS dev work is concerned).

Safari: energy efficiency, speed, privacy–private relay, system integration, Tab groups, Read View. I only use Chrome when I need to use Canvas and when using G-Suite for any length of time.


Vivaldi, as you probably already know judging by the number of times I’ve evangelized it in this forum.

Quoting my reasons from another post I made recently:


Safari: Cross Device; Clean; Efficient and not using to much resources. Private relay,…

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I like Brave too and its my primary browser though one of the extensions is breaking Slack attachment previews for me and I can’t figure out which! Arghhh :cry:

Firefox. Independent of manufacturers. Accessible and consistent across Linux/Mac/PC. Promotes privacy. Huge fan of some of their extensions (OneTab, YouTube Video Downloader, etc).

Safari for most things / by default

Chrome for work Google apps

Brave for personal Google apps

Firefox for very large web documents, especially those where I might want to copy data from tables

Edge or special-purpose browsers (eg to turn web apps into a desktop app) occasionally for other purposes.

I usually have at least three browsers running at one time. It makes it a lot easier to find the tab(s) I need it I don’t try to do it all in one browser. And why try to force browsers to be good at things they aren’t good at?

It’s interesting that Chrome is barely getting any responses here. Every nontechnical Mac user I know uses Chrome.


My guess is because they don’t appreciate the privacy issues involved nor the impact on battery use and system resources.

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I’m back to Vivaldi, after trying out the latest Safari for a while.

While Safari is… okay, I find the whole extension situation annoying, and cannot shake the feeling that Apple has made this browser primarily for themselves rather than me.

Vivaldi has several things that pull me back, not just the greater selection of extensions:

  • Customisable tab placement, appearance and stacking,
  • Customisable keyboard shortcuts, and ability to control lots of things from the keyboard,
  • Themes,
  • UI zoom (this feature alone is a godsend),
  • Vivaldi actually gives a damn about the web.

I want to love Firefox again, but the latest version leaves me cold. :expressionless:


Safari: privacy, I know who is behind it, reading list, cross platform bookmarks and history, lower energy consumption, handoff.