POLL: What is your task manager of choice?

There are several really good YouTube videos on how to master Reminders that you may find helpful. :slightly_smiling_face:

For what it is worth, and it may not be much, I manage projects and tasks across six divisions with 200 employees plus every project and task in my personal life from writing, finance, home maintenance, etc. with Reminders. So far, no dropped balls. :crossed_fingers:t3:

Here is one:

One of the keys for me is using the Share sheet for Reminders when in Mail, Notes, a webpage, etc.


Surprised no one is using TickTick. It’s pretty awesome. Replace Todoist for me. And it’s free and super fast. Also, I love that it has a menu bar app to display/add items.


As John said; “newbie”

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I use Things. Todoist’s inability to easily export comments is a thing for me (work stuff). I could get by on Reminders but I would like to see it have something that shows tasks with no due dates assigned specifically.

Same thing with Notes btw, would love a way to show Notes that don’t have a tag.

@Bmosbacker is there an easy way to add a pdf to a task on reminders iOS ? I know you can add a scanned document but I cannot find a way to add pdf from the Files app

@MereCivilian, yes but I would not call it easy but it is not hard either. I suspect that a smart person in this forum could even create a shortcut for this. If so, I’d love to have it!

I recorded a screen video showing how I do this. The short version is that you share the file (you don’t need to send it to anyone), copy the URL and paste that into the Reminders app. The PDF then opens in the Finder. I prefer this because I don’t want to weigh Reminders down with attached files.

Here is the video–I hope this makes sense. Let me know if you have a question.


thank you @Bmosbacker This is similar to what I do with Things. It isnt ideal but it does do the job.

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as someone who have delved into omnifocus (took the sparky course), I think I got overwhelmed. Also because my work requires me to work on windows computer, I decided to go with Todoist for now. The thing I like the most about todoist is that I have it every where (chrome extension, iPhone, iPad, mac app). omnifocus doesn’t have any extension app.

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There is an OmniFocus for web option available.

A 3rd party developer did write up an android app called FocusGTD as well

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Same here. The natural language feature is extremely well done in Todoist.

I use things and reminders. I am really pretty organized with Things. But I probably use Reminders more often. They are both great apps, IMHO.

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I want to keep using it, but they aren’t modernizing it. Every iteration seems to just move things around instead of moving the functionality and UI out of the steam age. Every time I decide to dive in again it feels like I’m taking over the controls of a rusty locomotive. The Beta of version 4 becomes more and more puzzling with every update.

I don’t understand it. I used to love it. I want to love it. I keep trying to love it again. I just can’t figure out why they seem unwilling to make it a better experience out of the box.


I wouldn’t worry about a popularity contest. We find the tool that fits our needs first. Focus on the workflow or productivity system and find the tool that can take care of 70-80% of your needs. Then find supplementary tools around it to fill in the rest.

There will never be a one-size-fits-all app. I’ve seen Amazing Marvin come fairly close for me. But I’m an OmniFocus user with iThoughtsX for goal planning and project planning, DEVONthink for my reference notes, Fantastical for my calendar needs, and Keyboard Maestro to glue them altogether.

OmniFocus version 4.0 will focus on rewriting the core engine in SwiftUI and a few UI changes that are certainly most welcome in my situation. Version 4.1 will probably be the starting point where we finally see new features truly added.

Good things take time. Meanwhile, other apps like Todoist, Things, and others are doing their part in improving their tool set.

In this day and age of instant gratification, software development feels too slow. It might be time to just remember when new versions of apps used to take 2-3 years before a major version number upgrade. Many companies are starting to forgo the huge version number update and going with trickling new features as it comes out. It makes it harder for the marketing department to sell users on a new upgrade but it’s probably a more palatable path forward for developers. Reiterate constantly and get single features out the door now instead of hitting us with a big bang release.


There is a Safari 3rd party extension ‎OmSave for Safari on the App Store

Plus there are bookmarklets An OmniFocus Create Task Bookmarklet | Colter Reed

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Having been prompted by this thread I have just been playing with reminders app for 10 minutes. Tempted but it looks like there is no way to collapse/hide the notes field which seems a bit silly, or am I missing something?

Maybe something like this? I see the link points to an iCloud URL, not a local file :frowning:

I’ve started using the Obsidian ToDo plugin. Being able to write an action as part of my note taking in meetings is awesome and I haven’t found another way to do it.

We’ll, I did have Drafts and Omnifocus doing this but I didn’t like using Drafts as a note keeping app.

Interestingly, David and Mike Schmitz discuss this in episode 147 of the Focus podcast, Task Management & Focus." To paraphrase David, it’s intriguing but has gremlins. You may want to listen to that episode, you may find it of interest.

I have resolved this problem by using Apple Notes for meetings/projects and then adding the follow-ups to Reminders through the share sheet so that I have the features of a task management application.


That looks interesting. I’m going to try and create the shortcut to see how it works, thanks!

I’m glad you like it. And I appreciate your thoughtfulness about this and related topics over the years.

But I do feel like you’ve been writing variations of this post for at least 5 years. Maybe longer!

I don’t want more features. I just want the basics of usability with the power that it already has. I don’t want to have to use Shortcuts or learn Java to make the app work well. I don’t understand why it’s still so hard to use the most power app of productivity power apps using the power user tool of choice, the keyboard.

They broke a lot of usability with version 2. That was a long time ago. They’ve had plenty of time to build the basics back in. It’s just bewildering.

If version 4 ships and it’s a better user experience, I’ll be so happy. I hope they are going to try to make that happen. As it is though, it feels like it’s growing more inscrutable with every release.