POLL: What is your task manager of choice?

I like polls… my upfront apologies for doing so many of those

  • Things 3
  • Todoist
  • Reminders
  • Omnifocus
  • Microsoft To Do
  • TickTik
  • Other
  • I do not use a task manager

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I bet there’s some percentage who use more than one. (I’m not one of them, though.)


All of them.

Jokes aside, I’m settled with putting everything on my Calendar and Reminders for the rest of the stuff. But Calendar is king.

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Voted “Reminders” but meant GoodTask. I know there are a few GoodTask people here, but still I think it’s underrated. Has its quirks and a bit of a learning curve, but the range of views and flexible options make it worth the effort for me.


Bullet Journal in an Hobonichi Techo Cousin :smiley:.

Sometimes think of switching to org-mode :stuck_out_tongue:


Remember The Milk based on this GTD setup.

(that setup blog post is rather old; the screenshots show the old RTM UI)

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I use NotePlan.

Been reading up on beorg (which I bought a while back) lately. I’m still drawn to org-mode for some reason.

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I’m in the same situation :stuck_out_tongue:

Two things keep me back:

  • I’d like to use the whole org-mode, not only agenda and tasks, on mobile (maybe Plain Org is the solution, but I’ve not tried it yet)
  • My current mobile client stuff setup involves e2ee from devonthink, which excludes open in place on iOS (and since I need encryption for client stuff open in place is a no go anyway) and then excludes any kind of comfortable cloud sync
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I’ve built my own in Notion. This is not recommended, although it works well for me!


Yes they are. Reminders and Microsoft ToDo are the two I use.

2Do. Used to use Appigo’s ToDo, but 2Do is in Setapp and is functionally similar.

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Wow, I’m surprised OmniFocus rates so low on the list in this community.

Been playing around with Todoist. It’s a privacy nightmare…

Many years ago I tried “all” of them. None except OmniFocus had total syncing and apps between my devices (Mac/iPhone/iPad) so eventually it was OmniFocus that got my bucks.
I love it, even though I still feel like a noob. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I think because there are so many alternatives to OmniFocus – especially ones like NotePlan that are easily customizable – that OmniFocus ranks lower. Also, frankly, OF is old school GTD and the world is moving on. That said, I use OF almost solely because it hooks into the macOS extension infrastructure better than other apps, for my purposes.


I normally use OF, but my project load has simplified right now and so I’m using Adam Savage’s checkbox method with a legal pad and a multicolor pen (this one) to indicate project (e.g. blue is teaching, red is research, green is personal, black is everything else).


Reminders, along with Due for recurring ‘bug me until I do it’ tasks.

NotePlan. organized, flexible, powerful


Omnfocus for a good few years but now on Things and very happy. I just did not like the direction of OF4 (Beta)

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Reminders per this post.