[Poll] What's your e-mail client of choice on the macOS?

Hey guys, just wanted to take a quick poll to understand your e-mail client of choice, for the macOS. Just to give it some structure, you could publish your reply in the form of
[name of client] | [e-mail providers you use] | [a line or two about why is that your app of choice] | [a line or two about what’s your biggest gripe about the app]

I’ll get the ball rolling…

Newton Mail | G Suite & Yahoo Mail | I love the simplified interface and the way they’ve implemented e-mail read status tracking | What pinches me to most is the hefty $50 per year subscription price

Let’s hope this leads to discovering some really great products, and also some cool discussions.

Irrelevant now. Hiding it since I didn't know how to strike it through.

Aside: @joebuhlig I was going to create a Google Form for this, initially, when I noticed that this forum didn’t support any polling feature yet, but decided against it so that we could keep everything on one page itself. Nevertheless, do you think it would be worthwhile, in case Discourse has any polling extension for it. Heck, I don’t even know if Discourse supports “extensions” or “plugins”.

Use use Spark but like Myles Hurley I am frustrated by the difference between the Mac app and the iOS ones.

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How are they different?

I’ve tried a few, but sill keep returning to Apple’s native Mail app. It does what I need it to do. But then, I guess I’m not an email warrior per se. Perhaps my needs aren’t complex enough. Or I’m not popular enough to warrant a ton of mail (which makes me wonder if I should be happy or sad about that state of affairs) :wink:


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Hit the gear icon in the composer for a message. :wink:


Haha! I feel like such a newb now :grinning: Thanks for sharing it.


And to answer the other piece, Discourse is loaded with plugin abilities and themes. That’s the bulk of what I do. :+1:

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Apple Mail + MailTags + Mail Act-On. If I could use these plugins on iOS, I’d be very happy!


As for my email client, I’m on MailMate. I came over from GMail and Apple Mail with Touch Bar. The TB made a lot of the shortcuts I used in GMail possible in a slightly different way.

But I like the markdown support, GMail shortcuts, and reverse order of MailMate. Well worth the money to me.


Oops! I also use MailHub!


I was using Airmail… but have gotten frustrated lately with the seeming buggyness (is that a word?) on both macOS and iOS … so right now I’m actually using web based email :weary:

Spark had me for some time but I fell back to the stock mail.app recently. I like the idea of snoozing emails and some of the other features of spark, but I wasn’t using those features enough to justify using the app.

I also had Airmail for a while but it was very buggy for me. After multiple clients I often find the biggest problems with things that should just work. I.e. spark would occasionally just not send an email if I closed it too fast (I’m using iCloud for mail). Also my contacts didn’t seem to gel with spark in a useful way. These are fundamental things that need to work right imo.

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I’ve settled on Spark. Completely free and fully featured; Mac and iOS compatible (there are differences, but I see them as relatively minor). I’ve used Airmail, which rates highly on many reviews, but, for reasons I don’t remember, I dropped it.

I use the Airmail beta, currently version 3.5.5 (498). I pretty much like this app. Haven’t tried other dedicated clients, satisfied with Airmail.

Apple Mail + Mail Act-On

Gmail (Google Apps at work) & iCloud (for personal)

I’ve tried Airmail and Spark multiple times. I get enticed by certain features - third-party integration, read notices, snoozing, etc. But then I come back to Apple Mail because it is rock solid and honestly is much more asthetically pleasing.

My biggest gripe with Apple Mail is that I’d like to snooze messages and get read receipts.

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I’ve been using Mailplane for eight or nine years now, after initially reading an extensive article in TidBITs by Adam Engst about managing email. I really really like it, and they keep it up to date (just got a new release a couple of days ago). On iOS I simply use the Gmail app.


I especially like that Mailplane makes it super simple to handle my four different Gmail accounts.


I currently use Spark for both of my business accounts, while Airmail 3 houses my junky personal accounts that are constantly flooded with promotions and such. The separation allows me to stay focused on work without getting sidetracked as often.

I use Spark on both macOS and iOS. I’ve tried Airmail on both and ultimately dumped it because it’s buggy in ways I can never seem to replicate when contacting support. I want to love the native mail app but became seriously annoyed when Apple removed the ability to fully customise the swipe preferences.


I keep trying other apps and keep going back to Apple Mail. It’s better than it gets credit for but the lack of automation support (or even a share sheet on iOS) is nutty. Using SaneBox gives me a lot of the featrues found in other apps.

About once a year, I go on my email spirit quest and thus far, I always end up back in Apple Mail. Ironically, today I reinstalled AirMail on all my devices. They’ve fixed several of the bugs that used to make me crazy but it is not love at first site. I’m digging in on the automation tools however. I’m sure you’ll here about this on the show at one point.

What other apps should I be looking at?


I use Mailplane for both my home and work email accounts (two installs on separate computers with 2-3 accounts each and a calendar tab.) I mostly check Google accounts and it’s been reliable for years. I think I only took a break between when I started using Google Inbox and before Mailplane had good support.

However, I also keep Mail and Spark configured. Email sync has been so reliable for me that I don’t see a cost to being able to jump into a different client as the mood strikes.