[Poll] What's your e-mail client of choice on the macOS?



I bounce between Outlook for Mac and Spark, but I’m probably going to stick with Spark. Work uses Office 365 email and my personal is gmail. I have to force quit Apple mail Multiple times a week on my 2016 MBP, so I finally had to stop using that app and go to Spark.


I currently use Spark on both macOS and iOS.

I originally used Mailplane on the mac and Airmail on iOS but then:

  1. Airmail started to fail to send messages (without notifying me of it, and that was a big no go)
  2. I preferred a unified inbox and Mailplane didn’t do that for me - also I couldn’t get over the fact that Mailplane was essentially just a dedicated browser view for Gmail

I sometimes still use Mailplane, because for some unexplained reason Spark can’t connect to Gmail when I’m at work, but Mailplane can (I guess because it’s just a browser view). However I prefer to use Spark, and the new teams feature is nice.


As a long time GMail user, I still prefer the web interface. So fast and efficient using the keyboard shortcuts, and native rendering of the HTML content.


Gmail or Google Apps web interface for most things as the plugins make it the best client for me, and Spark for IMAP email.

On iOS I use Spark.


You should look into Mailplane, it makes the web interface available in a native Mac app.


After trying nearly all the email clients over the years (and trying to stick with Apple Mail) I’ve been using Airmail on MacOS and iOS for a couple of years now and really like it.

Haven’t struck any of the bugs others have mentioned here and it has been rock solid for me.

Have multiple accounts setup including iCloud, iMap, Google and Microsoft without problems and an excellent unified Inbox.


Use Spark on macOS and iOS and I’m not bothered by the different design. I wish it had better text editing on iOS though (point list and similar things) since I use my iPad for much of my work email.
Oh and that email sharing feature is so much more useful than I thought. Using it quite often.


I’m also a Mailplane user. It’s for gmail.com but gives me an app to separate email from web browsing.


Postbox | multiple imap servers

I originally switched to Postbox because it was the only client that supported imap tags (labels). Besides, it’s more sophisticated than Apple Mail and has some nice options. It got better and better over the years. Now I can have rules for my archiving too. Which makes it easy to move mail to different folders by just clicking the Archive button or shortcut.
Don’t like mail clients that create their own folder structure (IIRC it’s something that Airmail does).
The only thing I’m missing is the option of automatically saving attachements via a mail rule.


For Mac I’m also a Postbox user. I’m primarily using it for multiple Gmail accounts, but also Exchange and generic IMAP from a hosting provider. I originally used Thunderbird on Windows and this was simply a logical step over on the Mac side. It works fine, but I do have a rather old Macbook Pro that it runs on and the performance is {ahem} not great … I’m about 98% sure that’s my ancient Mac rather than the software though! Overall I like the style, the support has been reasonable when I’ve had issues and they keep updating it with new features that are actually useful.


I’m using Outlook on macOS and iOS for two Office 365 accounts for work and for my personal O365 account, although in the case of the latter it’s more for reference than anything else.

For personal use, I’m using Spark on macOS/iOS after being a long-time Airmail user but the bugs in Airmail, mainly around messages from months ago randomly appearing in the Inbox as though they were received today, plus other sync issues used to frustrate me beyond belief. I did try it again after the last update but it lasted less than a day before I chucked it once more.

It’s a shame really as it’s really very good. Markdown support for email composing, fast, with a huge array of customisation options. Spark, on the other hand, while sporting a very clean and simple interface - the Smart Inbox feature is great - lacks any form of useful formatting when composing emails and that, for me, is the main letdown.

If it wasn’t for the lack of customisation for actions and integration into other apps, I’d be using Outlook for everything. Except for calendars, I use Fantastical 2 for that.


I’ve tried Outlook on the bad a few times through my O365 purchase but end up duplicate emails in every account I try to sync.


I use Airmail on both platforms, mainly because I keep thinking I might someday use its features. I guess my email processing is very basic. I never had any bugs. But I keep wondering if a more simple app would be more efficient for me. But then again, maybe one day I will need all those extra stuff …


I use Outlook for my work account (it is on Exchange) and Spark for my gmail personal accounts.
They both work well, but I prefer Spark since it gives more functionallity. And I find it cooler, too :slight_smile:


David, have a look at MailMate. They have some automation pieces available and an integration with OmniFocus.


On my personal laptop I use Thunderbird, an old leftover of my Linux days which I learned to love. I have configured key bindings similar to Google mail, and have an add-in for PGP mail encryption (Enigmail) working. I also use another add-in called “Nostalgy” that lets me very quickly file away emails to subfolders. For example, I could type “s”, which opens a dialogue at the bottom of the mail window, and then “m” which would point me to a “macpowerusers” subfolder. It even works with “fuzzy matching”, so I could type “j” and “a” and it would point to the “John Appleseed” subfolder. I have not found something of similar strength and versatility for apple mail yet. That said, I use apple mail for another mail account, and use the Gmail web interface for my googlemmil account. For some reason, I am not fond of all accounts being displayed in one application, so this is a deliberate choice…


I’m a mail.app guy, it does what it needs, and on Mojave threads looks super pretty! I’m considering an IMAP intermediery though, so any ideas? I don’t have my own mail server just yet :smiley:


This makes me wonder, in the world of powerful search, why do we still file emails in folders or tag them, instead of just archiving/deleting them?


Native mail on Mac, years of muscle memory in apple mail kind of prevents me from going anywhere else for very long. Oh and iOS native too but I rarely use it on phones except for a quick check in or short reply.


I’ve used Postbox for a few years now. Only major feature I use is the V key to bring up a ‘Quick Sort’ menu that lets me file emails quickly using only the keyboard.

I originally switched from Mail.app after it failed to properly import/see emails in its database after performing a clean install. Later when I tried to import messages back to Mail.app to give it another shot, it just refused to import everything I pointed it to. So I guess Postbox has an additional advantage of storing my mail properly :sweat_smile: