[Poll] What's your e-mail client of choice on the macOS?



Mail Butler will provide those functions, free version may be enough for your needs - https://www.mailbutler.io/


Claris Emailer :slight_smile: But seriously, I still miss that old girl. For the last several years, I’ve been using Airmail on Mac and iOS to connect to my G Suite and Gmail accounts. I used to use Mail and Mail Act-On and MailTags, but during the period when it was buggy with Gmail I went on a search for a new email client and found Airmail. I liked the app integrations that Airmail offers, specifically easily sending stuff to Evernote and Omnifocus. I previously used Mailmate for the same reason, but the lack of development annoyed me so I sought something being actively developed. (It looks like there’s new work being done on Mailmate so I’d be interested in checking it out again.)


Apple mail. I want to use Airmail, but every time I try something doesn’t work the way I’d hoped. Maybe next time.


Agree completely! I’m also on MailMate and can’t imagine switching to anything else.

My second favorite client is Postbox, though. I only wish they would keep up to date with the Thunderbird codebase, but aside from that, they’re both great apps (MailMate is MUCH faster, though).


On the Mac, I’m using MailMate for my personal email, which is a Gsuite (or whatever Google calls it these days) account. I use the default Mail app for my work email, with the Mail Act-On plugin. My work email is an Office 365 account, but with a local Exchange server.

On iOS, I use Airmail for my personal email, only because of its Workflow support. I use the default Mail app for my work email.


I must have missed this but is Mail getting new features under the new MacOS? Do you have a link t an article or thread? Thanks!


I would love to use the native Mail app on MacOS and iOS BUT for one bug it has:

I receive monthly 9 emails from one specific person with have monthly reports with Excel attachments. Nine emails usually with the subjects

ABC Apr 2018 report
ABC2 Apr 2018 report

Mail app refuses to show these emails LOL! Both on the iPhone and on MacOS! Its the most oddest behaviour. All other email clients show them. There are not in Spam or All Emails. They just don’t show up!! (No Lables or other folders either).

My backend is g Suite. Maybe that has something to do with how Mail app handles this I don’t know. I don’t even know where to turn to.

So I just end up using Chrome and the Gmail web interface. I rather use Safari and the native Mail app. Sigh.


No, I want a server to intercept the IMAP before it hits mail.app, sorry if my wording was weird :slight_smile:


@Inuk not sure which features you are seeking but you might want to checkout FastMail. They are one of the few providers which support client’s being able to deploy server side custom sieve scripts. If that’s what you mean by “before mail.app”.


I’m not looking for a mail provider, i’m for something that sits between me and my email provider, sorting spam and what not


Spamsieve is probably the best Mac SPAM filtering software. They were doing Bayesian Statistical SPAM filtering long before that approach became main stream. Smallcube’s offerings including Mail Act-on might also be of interest.


Newton | Outlook (work email) | Newton is much more searchable than Outlook was and I love the simple interface | Newton is in some ways just a front-end, I have a ton of rules set-up and I need to go to the web version of Outlook to tweak them.


Using Spark on Mac and iOS.

Wasted a. good deal of time looking for perfection. Didn’t find it. Eventually, I put enough “smart folders” into Spark to gather groups of posts together for future reference. So I’m sticking with it. (I’m on a couple of ofd time mailing lists so using smart folders/smart search is useful.)

But in the past I’ve written rules to accomplish the same task. …no way is this skill exclusive to Spark. Luok warm assessment?

Other likable features, Spark’s smart inbox doing an auto first sort. Also useful is the ability to acknowledge, thank, or send a go away messages with a keystroke,

I’m in self-restraint mode. I repeat. I say again, use what’s working well. Spark sparks for me.


I like Spark, especially the feature for sending an email to Omnifocus, with the email link on both MacOS and iOS. But, I do experience crashes and extremely slow syncs (with my email services). Are these common problems for others?


I think I’ve tried every email client out there, for both MacOS and iOS (except the ones that require a subscription…is that one Newton?), and was really close to using Spark full time, but I ultimately went back to Apple Mail for MacOS. Just found it more stable and it does everything I need. The lack of share sheet functionality on iOS is frustrating, but I get around it on the iPad with drag-n-drop to Things.


Thanks, @ijd65!

I’m actually using Mailbutler Professional. I picked up a lifetime subscription on StackSocial or somewhere.

It does have read notices, but they aren’t that helpful because they don’t indicate which recipients have opened the message.

As far as I can tell, there isn’t a way to snooze messages with Mailbutler. And not really any third party integration.


I use mail.app because it has all the features I need and when I’ve tested other mail apps I’ve always found bugs.

Spark didn’t highlight well spelling errors (it only worked sometimes), which led to me sending some embarrassing bad emails and I don’t like the AirMail interface at all, especially on MacOS.


Mac Mail for personal. I haven’t explored too many others, so inertia is a major factor in my choice. I used to use Eurora. And before that, Pine. And before that, a TV925 emulator and a line printer ;^)

For work email I use what the people who put food on my table tell me to use: Outlook.


Apple Mail, for Gmail and Exchange. No significant gripes.


Finally! Good to meet a fellow Newton e-mail app user :+1: