[Poll] What's your e-mail client of choice on the macOS?



Read notices have been implemented the best by Newton. You must check it out.


I’m not experienceing crashes on my 10.5 iPad. I rarely do email on my iMac anymore so can’t address sync problems. (No iPhone)


I’ve been using Mailmate since its inception and love it. Spark on iOS. For providers I use Fastmail for personal and Google for work.


Yeah. Struggling to fork over the subscription cost. Wish it were about half of what they’re charging.


MailMate all the way! You can assign a keyboard shortcut to virtually anything, and create mailboxes with extremely cool filtering rules. It’s the ultimate Mac power user email client.
Plus, the developer, Benny, always replies to my emails with great answers and has even created custom builds for me and my slightly zany feature requests.
Plus you can compose in markdown.


Spark all the way for me. I used to be a diehard Airmail boy, but Spark’s design, features, and robustness pulled me over. Their export to OmniFocus and Evernote are top notch, which is nice.

I’m currently trying to switch from Evernote to DEVONthink Pro Office, and Spark doesn’t export to that, but meh. Airmail does export to DTPO, but it sucks.

Anyway, a +1 for Spark from me.


MailPlane - I really want to use Spark which is what I use on iOS - but it doesn’t work for my daily workflow.


I’m with you, David. I actually really like Apple Mail. I have tried most of the clients and prefer Apple Mail. I have gmail and icloud accounts. Recently, my company flipped a switch to protect corporate data and cut off Apple Mail’s ability to connect to the Exchange server, so I am forced to use Outlook 2016 on my Mac for work. I never realized how good Apple’s search and presentation of email threads are until I couldn’t use them any more. I waste so much time now in Outlook looking for messages. I suppose I will actually have to get organized now.


A reason to switch from Airmail to Apple Mail is when sending fotos: The Mail app offers the possibility to send them with reduced size, Airmail doesn’t (at least I don’t know how).


For spam filtering as a service, I use MailRoute: mailroute.net


It’s mailroute I thought of! :blush::blush:


Apple Mail — try them all and always migrate back. Maybe I don’t give the others enough time to fully evaluate.


Add me to the Apple Mail list.


Spark both Mac and iOS… currently trying the Spark for Teams service as well for me and my team.

It works great for me… check 2x work 365 accounts, 1 G suite, 1 gmail, 1 dot mac… syncs across iPad iPhone and mac… Still like Spark on iPad Pro the best… will often process email on my ipad even if at my desk with 21” iMac in front of me.


I use SpamSieve with a drone setup. I’d rather not need to use a drone. My understanding is that Sanebox wouldn’t be effective as a spam filtering service.

Can one use MailRoute with Google and iCloud accounts?


I completely agree. Every year at WWDC, I hope that Apple will announce snoozing coming to Apple Mail.


I’ve been flipping back and forth between Spark and Airmail for years now, but recently decided to come back to Mail.app to see how it was and was pleasantly surprised. It’s fast with on both MacOS and iOS and displays e-mails nicely. There have been handy features added since I last used it, too, like applying view filters to mailboxes and suggested targets when moving e-mails.

I’m actually plowing through my inbox just as quickly now with Mail.app as I did with Airmail/Spark, so I’ll probably just stick with it and get my credentials off another 3rd party server.


I use Airmail on my MBP, iPad and iPhone.

I have used various mail apps including Apple Mail, Outlook, Postbox and the list goes on but I’ve really settled with Airmail.

I love the gorgeous UI and find the app highly customisable.

Yes, it has its bugs that appear every now and then but nothing to stop me using it.


I like Spark except for one problem I’m having. When I attempt to forward or copy several emails within a threaded conversation, Spark will not capture the entire thread—only the first one. This makes it difficult/impossible to email the entire thread to Things or to share with DEVONThink. Do you know a way around this?


If I understand your issue… it may just be something in how the interface is for Spark.

Their conversation view makes it look like ONE email? But really it is a list. I checked some of my messages and selected forward from ONE message in a thread… and it forwarded with the full histroy of that message… I believe that is the same behavior you get in apple mail… right?