[Poll] What's your e-mail client of choice on the macOS?



Thanks for the reply. I checked again and the behavior appears to be as you described it. I don’t think I’m crazy (but that is always a matter of perspective! :slight_smile:) but this was not how the program was working for me several months ago. Either I missed something or an update fixed a bug. Either way, it seems to be working.

One more question if you don’t mind. Gmail is the back end for work email. Is there a way to reverse the order of the conversation threads in Spark? I don’t like having the most recent at the bottom–which is the Gmail web interface format.


I don’t know about that one… my guess is that if that is something you can change… it is likely buried deep somewhere on google’s site :wink:


Currently using spark


Thanks. I’ve looked but I don’t see it. :slight_smile:


Inbox (with Gmail back-end) app on iOS and on the Mac I use Inbox but switch between Chrome, Wavebox (an Electron app using Chromium) or Boxy (seems to use Safari browsing component). Problem is on the Mac they all get slow after a day or two of being open. But Wavebox / Chrome seem to control memory usage the best. Unfortunately Boxy uses more and more RAM the longer it is open, but it is the most beautiful client out of all of them.

I really like how Inbox categorizes and summarizes email not from humans. And how it bubbles up email from humans (that are important) to the top.

I think Inbox’s days are numbered though. It hasn’t been updated for iPhone X — still. Almost all other Google apps have been.


Mail.app. The only thing it doesn’t have that I want is outlook-style separation by date (which I want a lot). All these other bells and whistles mentioned on Relay interest me not in the slightest.


I love airmail. I think it’s a great combination of lovely UI and customization. I have it set-up so I can triage email very quickly between evernote, things, instapaper and more, all tied to keyboard shortcuts. I also really like the quicky reply function, the timed send (all my emails send 15 seconds after I hit send just in case I need to cancel it before it goes). I’ve tried spark and it just doesn’t quite cut it for me.


I love Spark! It does what I need. I like the snooze feature and send later. Since I’ve been using Spark it’s been much easier getting to Inbox Zero.


Like everyone else, I have done the run around of most of the apps. I operate a few small businesses and have my emails all hosted through g-suite. I always end up back with AirMail as I like the syncing that it seems to do(pretty well) between iOS and MacOS.

I think it is probably too powerful for my needs and have recently been playing with Spark. I cannot get Spark to sync signatures between all my devices. And while it sounds silly, signatures are a big deal to me when I am sending from different accounts.

(If anyone has suggestions for other clients that sync signatures between iOS and MacOS, I would love to know!)


I don’t see it either … :frowning:


I have gone back to the stock Mail app.

I liked some features of Airmail and Spark but both had issues impacting some aspects of my workflow and both apps store login credentials on their servers which I’m not fond of (and violates work’s security policies). Except for one Gmail account, all of my email accounts are IMAP without OAuth capabilities so the apps are storing a login and password; at best a limited use app-specific password.

I do miss the lack workflows to get emails to other tools (e.g. Omnifocus) in Mail though.

I use Thunderbird on a work PC and Postbox on a work Mac. They both work OK but they aren’t by most favorite apps.


I am very much like everybody else, I think :wink:
Airmail is my choice, to be able to add stuff to Todoist, my Calendar etc


That’s why I like MailMate too - it “just works”. Very boring. Not the prettiest interface. But lots of little features that make it very, very functional. :slight_smile:


Airmail on Mac and iOS. People complain about bugs but I have no issues. I like that I’m able to customize to my way of working.


I’m experimenting with Mailmate. What are some of your favorite features?


I’m not nearly ready to call it my “client of choice”, but there’s a new version of Mail Pilot currently in beta that looks interesting. The main thing that makes MP different is a focus on whether a message is “complete” or “incomplete” rather than read or unread. For incomplete messages there are quick keyboard-based commands to complete, hide with reminder, set aside without reminder, move to a list (a special kind of folder), and more. What’s missing, so far at least, is any kind of flagging or tagging — when not beta testing I rely pretty heavily on MailTags in Mail.app.


Seen some recent articles from Google confirming that 3rd party email companies, and by extension, their employees, could (doesn’t mean they do) access the content of emails routed through them…

Anyone have thoughts on this? I’ve used Airmail, Spark on the Mac, and these plus Dispatch over on iOS, and Outlook (for work) - but keep coming back to Mail.app and Outlook, mainly for stability.

I’m not really that concerned about what can be accessed work-wise, since Outlook is required by my employee, so I don’t have a choice - but I have given it some thought a few times regarding my personal mail.

Whilst most of my personal mail is ‘newsletter’ based, with very little direct communication from friends/family (that mostly happens through other channels), there are financial statements and accounts etc., that are obviously more concerning, were that to be accessed.

So whereas I’m not suggesting this is a big enough issue for me to not try any of the above services again, were they to offer some really useful feature, I am curious to hear if this is something that bugs anyone else? I guess the key point though, is whether one trusts Google more so than Readdle or Bloop or any of these other developers? Surely they all - more or less - have too much to lose to allow anything problematic to happen…


I just use Apple Mail across the board. No plugins. I have a few mail rules set up (via the iCloud website to avoid any rules that need to run locally on client) but other than that I just try an minimise the e-mail I receive. In fact I’m pretty ruthless about it, so it’s always a breeze to keep up.

I don’t have to deal with work related email, though. I’m forced to use outlook on a corporate VM for that and honestly so much work email is just junk so I ignore 95% of it. If I had work email on my Mac I’d have a bunch of rules set up to pipe almost all of it direct into the trash folder. :smiling_imp:


That’s what I do. I don’t use folders or tags for email.

If I know I’m going to use an email message for reference, I export from email into DEVONThink, previously Evernote.


Spark complemented by Gmail app on some accounts mainly because of my heavy use of labels.