[Poll] What's your e-mail client of choice on the macOS?



I’ve used spark and Airmail, but back to the stability of Apple Mail


+1 for Mailplane https://www.mailplaneapp.com/

The reason I love it so much is because it works with Streak (https://www.streak.com/) and Boomerang (https://www.boomeranggmail.com/).

Streak is a great free CRM with unlimited “Send later” and “Read receipt” capabilities.

Boomerang is useful for two main reasons:

  1. It allows me to resurface an e-mail if it has not been replied to within a set amount of days
  2. When composing an e-mail, the “Respondable” panel analyses it (subject length, word count, question count and reading level) and gives the likelihood of being responded to.


I am about to bail on Postbox after a year of use – I am getting crash/hangs several times weekly, as well as enough inconsistencies with search that I now lack confidence Postbox is finding everything.


One possible approach would be to offload signatures from your mail client altogether to TextExpander or something similar.


Postbox has been quite reliable for me. Although their recent update scheme (16 updates since the introduction of version 6 a few months ago) concerns me a bit.
If search is not consistent you could try to reset and reindex the folders (from within postbox obviously).


I agree with @vco1. Postbox has been reliable for me too. I hope things clear up for you.



Sent request to Readdle… here is response… I would suggest all interested in this feature please use the “feedback” option in the app to request re-ordering threaded emails to show most recent FIRST…

My experience is Readdle is pretty responsive to user request… so maybe we can get this added sooner rather than later

Dear Richard,

Thank you so much for your message! We highly appreciate your attention to our app!

I am afraid so far there is no such option in Spark. However, your idea regarding re-ordering emails in the thread totally makes sense. I think it can be useful for many users. I’ve passed your suggestion to our development team for consideration. Also, I’ve added your request to our wishlist and saved your email, so that I could email you as soon as this feature will appear in the app.

Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.

Have a great day!

Best regards,

Elizabeth Dovgan
Readdle Support Team


Great suggestion, will do!


How do you feel about the privacy issues with Spark? I like Spark, but I’m concerned about how my userid/password go through their servers before I get my email. Is it not that big of a deal, i.e. am I making a mountain out of a mole hill or is there something to the uproar that happened when folks started pointing this out a while ago?


Spark for personal mail on both iOS and Mac. My work email is very locked down by our IT provider, so I can only use the Mail app on iOS, the Outlook365 web app on my Mac, and desktop Outlook on my work PC.


I use Spark because that’s what I use on my iPad. The stock Mac mail app had performed flawlessly for years.


Have no issues at all. I like the app, is reliable and Readdle is not a new player in the market. They’ve been showing results and investment in their business.


Honestly, I’m not big about privacy🙊, so that’s no biggie for me but yes they got som flag for that. If you value privacy that might not be a good choice.


I use MS Outlook on the Mac, and the Apple Mail app on iOS.

I’ve tested a lot of apps on both macOS and iOS and found that this combination works best for my needs.


Why do you like that combination? Why do you prefer Outlook on the Mac and Apple Mail on iOS?


The privacy issue, even before that revelation was one of the reasons I moved as far off the Google ecosystem as possible two years ago. I don’t have a whole lot of reasons for wanting privacy other than the idea of strangers reading my email creeps me out.


I just bought Airmail on macOS and iOS. I had been using Spark, but its crashes and slow sync to my email accounts were too much for me. The 3rd Party integrations for both Spark and Airmail are important factors in my move from mail.app and Outlook. I’m aware of some of the quality concerns about Airmail, but so far so good - better than Spark!


MailMate with SpamSieve on macOS accessing me.com/gmail/Exchange
Reason: Markdown


I’ve tried spark, airmail, etc but I keep coming back to Apple mail.


I’ve been a long time user of Apple Mail, but recently switched to airmail three months ago. The ability to snooze, directly send items to Things, and scheduling emails to go out later are such great features for keeping the inbox clean and ensuring that I don’t get caught in a back and forth email chain.